Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Beauty of Being Unplugged

Yesterday we celebrated the 4th of July here at home with a few friends. A gathering of sorts that does not happen too often, maybe a couple of times a year but always lots of fun. The great thing ~ the ability for me to "unplug" and simply enjoy the company being had. In fact my phone was in the living room and well... for the most part I was outside! Completely UNPLUGGED! I have been doing that more lately. I am learning as time goes on ... my life does not revolve around a tiny hotbox that I can carry around with me ~ though it is very valuable to my life. My life.... is about living and enjoying the moments around me. Engaging in REAL conversations with people face to face. Embracing the wonderment of watching children chase frogs and seeing how many they can gather in their hands at one time. The ability to sit and not worry what so and so is doing. Pure living life.

I know that I don't exactly come across as the world's most favorite person. I am very outgoing and I LOVE people. But with that being said ~ I am not one to draw a lot of attention to myself though it happens naturally a lot. I have a different way of thinking and living than many. Being UNPLUGGED helps me to learn to love that about myself. I get sad ~ deeply sad when I see husbands and wives disrespect each other in the name of a "joke" or "humor". I get hurt when I see the actions of children that are very unbecoming to their character and very reflective of their parents skewed boundary lines in the way that they parent.

Being unplugged .... often puts things back into perspective. What matters most? Is it what so and so had done this week that I didn't have time or money to do? No, not at all. But it is the simple fact that I realize how much I love the life that I live and how much it works. Unplugging takes away the cruel and sick sense of living a life of comparison. For when we live like that not only do we become unhappy with our own lives but we are unhappy with those around us as well.

So, to anyone who may try to reach me by phone or text and I do not respond immediately. I am not being careless, callous, or inconsiderate. See unplugging has nothing to do with you really. Is it inconvenient for you, and perhaps even myself? Sure. But life isn't always supposed to be convenient even in this day and age. This is not a wish one minute receive the next kind of life that I am trying to live. No thanks! I am living in the here and now ~ living for the moment and embracing the little parts of life that I will never get back.

*Watching my teenager teach adults how to dance and shake like the kids of today. ~ FUNNY stuff!
* Hearing a joke from a 12 year old followed by his own laughter above anyone else's.
* Realizing God has ordained my days ~ and embracing the people He put and even may have pruned out for that day .... makes me remain peaceful.
* Catching my husband's glance at just the right time.
* Hugs from friends that are really like sisters.
* Acceptance for just being me.

I challenge YOU to unplug from time to time. It really is refreshing and puts things into perspective.
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