Thursday, July 24, 2014

Think Big Thursday: Setting SMART goals.

I am a pretty motivated person. I must if I am writing a book right! I know I haven't updated much on the blog here about You Are More but let me tell you.... I will be ready to push through the publishing process no later than August 1. I wanted it to be by this Sunday but I had a bit of an emotional set back. When I read, I find myself getting into character and feeling what they feel and going through the emotions they go through. I don't know why I never realized that I would do that while writing! Anyway, we are about out of the woods emotionally ~ sorta and now it's just wrapping it all up. You do need to know that if you read it ... it will not necessarily be the end. You will have to wait for book #2! You are More does have it's own Facebook page where you can stay updated.

Anyway, I do have people ask me all the time "How do you get it all done" and I have even been told "You are just a jack of all trades". Yep I am. I love it all! I do it all. I have many parts to my personality and you will not get that from first impressions. In fact I have to be comfortable around you for you to see anything but "plain ol Sheila". Those who know me best know that I am anything but plain! So, let 's get to the "how do you get it all done?" A lot of it is habits that I have learned through the years to get things done around whatever "other" thing I am doing. Even if that "other" thing is working outside the home for 40 hours a week. But the habits didn't come without a desire to reach goals.

The one thing I realized last night though is any area I am struggling in is because I have yet learned to make smart goals. Sure I can say I want to lose say 20 pounds by the end of the year and while that is a GREAT and attainable goal ~ it isn't specific enough. Okay if I want to be honest I have about 30 that I NEED to lose, 40 that I WANT to lose and 50 that I DREAM of losing. All of them are different levels of desire and motivation behind. They each have a milestone attached to them and why. I am slowly learning about small goals through the book writing. I learned to set a minimum of a # of words that I wanted to get done each week. For some it may be wanting to become more organized so they set goals of starting to go to bed with the kitchen clean. Then it is waking up and getting laundry done. Then they add vacuuming before leaving the house in the morning. So within a few weeks not only are they keeping a cleaner kitchen, laundry is being kept up AND the house is vacuumed. By doing those three things it simply opens the door for continued success and deeper regular cleaning. And before you know it you are more cleaner and organized in your home.

If your wanting to lose weight may I suggest to stop setting FAR out there goals? Like it is easy to say I want to lose 100 pounds in a year. And if you indeed have 100 pounds to lose that is a doable goal. BUT... do you know what is going to happen within that year? What set backs that may arrive? Even to me 30 pounds sounds a bit overwhelming and even if I lost 4 it wouldn't put a dent in that number. BUT... if I break that down into mini goals and stop looking past the first goal set then it will feel doable. So by example I am sharing my "smart" goals considering weight loss.

1. Specific: I am going to lose weight in the next
2. Measurable:10 pounds
3. Achievable: Yes. (That makes it about 2.5 pounds a week)
4. Realistic: Yes. While I need to lose 30, want to lose 40 and dream to lose 50 I realistically have chosen to lose it in 10 pound increments. That is how I lost it big the last time (I just had a smack the head session when I remembered that!)
5. Timely: In the next 25 days (By August 18th)

Then , after I reach that first 10 pounds I will set the next goal of 10 pounds. And so on and so on.

STOP waiting for things to happen. Be the adult you are and set a few goals for yourself. Yes it means exercising self control and learning a bit of discipline. We want our kids to know when to "say when" but we have to do that as adults too!

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