Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What if the whole world was watching?

What if the whole world was watching every move you made, every bite you ate, heard every word you said would you live your life differently?

The first time I ever thought this was when my sister passed away. I thought ... now someone is going to go through all her things, and would she like what they uncover? It began to make me realize that one day, someone is going to go through all my private things and well... what does that say about me? It was then that keeping a clean and clutter free home of my own was important. I learned to like a clean space and using the time in my day to do such things as cleaning and decluttering. As a wife, mother, and homemaker that internal fear helped me be a better person.

Now.... I am having the thought "what if the world could see every bite I eat" and how often I ate. What would they think? Does it matter? Yes it does matter. Do you know why? I am not hiding anything from anyone about the fact that I have overeaten way too much lately. You look at me, you see it. But guess what?! We still try to hide it from ourselves. How do I know this? I just got through watching a few episodes of "Secret Eaters" on YouTube.

So my question is would you live your life differently if the whole word was watching your every move?

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  1. Yes, I would....I love your writing, Sheila...Your words are always something worth thinking about!


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