Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Whose at the door Wednesday : Never be taken by surprise

We have all been there. When the phone rings. And this is what you hear.
"Hey I am in the area and decided I would pop in and visit ya. Are ya busy?!"

In half of us, that would evoke panic as we look around the house. In the other half of us we joyfully say sure knowing we have about five power minutes and that is all we need.

That scenario seriously happened to me yesterday. And three four years ago it might would have set me into a panic. I would have avoided the visit and simply said that I was heading out the door or whatever. Now? Here was my reply

"Yay! Sure! Come on over"

And as soon as I hung up the phone this is what I did:
*Light the candles
*Put the basket of folded clothes into the washroom. I would put those away later.

That's it. Why? Because I now believe in keeping our home "company ready" at any given time. Sometimes there may be a few things of the kids out but they are getting better about being responsible for their own belongings and they too have come to the realization that we can have visitors at anytime. Their friends drop in all the time. Now.. as far as the teenager's room? I just shut the door!

So my first challenge this week for you is to look around your home. Do you want visitors? Then allow your home to also become visitor ready. We didn't used to have people drop in a lot. Do you know why? My home wasn't visitor ready and because of that ~ neither was I. I was horrible to be around because I was too worried about someone finding clutter that I hid. So my second tip to you is to allow yourself to become visitor ready. Now mind you ~ in the Summer I do not wear makeup everyday. I simply don't. Too many times we are either outside and it will sweat off ( I am not a girl who is afraid to sweat!) or we are planning on some sort of water activity.

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