Friday, August 1, 2014

Anchors and Motors

Yesterday I was home for the most of the morning. I spent the morning recharging my batteries and decided to watch a couple of Terri Savelle Foy's podcast. In fact it was this one titled "Are your wheels just turning?" In that podcast was the following quote:

There are two types of people - anchors and motors. You want to lose the anchors and get with the motors because the motors are going somewhere and they’re having more fun. The anchors will just drag you down. - Robert Wyland

The area that was spoken about in the podcasts that really grabbed me most is how "who you spend the most time with are indicators of where your life is going". That in itself can excite you or terrify you. Of course that depends on whom you spend time with. I mean we have all had rough times but .... the attitude says it all. Do you spend your time with anchors or motors? Are the people you spend your time with always in dire straits and seem to barely keep their head above water or are you hanging out with goal setting and goal achieving people who are living a life they are enjoying? Two total different worlds and if you say how someone you hang out with lives their life doesn't effect you, the only person you are fooling is yourself. 

If you do anything after reading the last few weeks of this blog I pray that you at least make ONE goal for yourself and put the energy and effort into it. Goals do not just "happen" to get achieved. Instead discipline has to go into the effort put forth. 

I spoke of "You Are More" a few times. It was a book that I was writing. Yes I can say "was"! I will have the proof copy in my hand on Tuesday and if all is well then it will be available to the public very soon! It didn't just happen. And I couldn't have done it if I had spent all my time hanging around a bunch of anchors. No.. God put a few  motors in my life to encourage me and give me hope that reaching my dreams was possible. Guess what?! Time to keep writing!


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