Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Break out of my what?!

I have really been feeling God impress on me lately to truly break out of my comfort zone. Does that sound easy? Of course not! In fact twice this past weekend I was instructed during a couple of different podcasts by two different people to set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal. THIRTY minutes! Have I ever mentioned I already get up at 4:30? In the morning?  HOWEVER I realize that if I did that ~ yes I would be more productive. I would have NO excuse not to workout before leaving for work every single day. And in reality getting up thirty minutes earlier is not going to make me THAT much more tired at bedtime.

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I love this picture and this article. Both were found at . There really is a lot of science behind the whole "get out of your comfort zone" theory. Here is four quick reasons why people should do it.

1. You will be more productive. (That right there is up my alley!)
2. It's easier to handle changes in your life.
3. It gets easier the more you do it.
4. You will be more creative!

Here is four reasons people won't:
2. Lack of motivation to change
3. False sense of pride
4. Does not see that change is good.

So do you think it is biblical to "get out of your comfort zone"? Heck yeah! God is the AUTHOR of "getting out of your comfort zone". Look. He sent Jonah to Ninevah! He had Noah build an ARC when no one knew of rain. Sarah and Abraham became parents late in age. Mary had a Holy Conception. I would say that YES God is very well known in either pushing us OUT of our comfort zone especially if we are too comfortable!

ONE thing is certain!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 ESV

I am not quite sure what else that God is trying to get me to do to break out of my comfort zone but I can say that I am willing. A part of me thinks that I need tot rust the thoughts that come as a signal from Him and that if they aren't His signals, He will let me know. Here is somethings I would like to do in the next month.

1. Get up at 4 on workdays (mine &/or husbands)
2. Workout on those days that I get up at 4
3. Do not buy soda for the house anymore.
4. Become more aware of the fuel that I choose to put in my body.

When those four things are incorporated I will be out of my comfort zone and I have a feeling much more productive than I already am. What about you? Have you broke out of your comfort zone lately?

Just breaking out of your comfort zone and making new habits will not keep you in that zone. Those things you changed well.. they become habit! :) YOU MUST continue the process constantly allowing yourself to be uncomfortable! It's healthy for your brain!

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