Friday, August 8, 2014

Fantabulous Friday: Just BE!

I am definitely in a new life cycle and for that I am ever grateful!

I can't honestly tell you how long I have spent, and how much energy has been given away trying to "find"  myself. But really... this summer ... I learned that God is waiting .. for us to realize our strengths, talents, and gifts that He has purposely given us and to CREATE ourselves!

Have you ever spent time creating something? Maybe a scrapbook page, a card, transformed some furniture, crocheted or knitted a blanket, played with a new recipe? Those things bring out something unique within you and can't be duplicated no matter how much one would try. Why? Because it was done by YOU and your fingers, talent, and the whole creative process that is just there as you go.

Well being creative isn't just for hobbies. It is for living life! Do you how unique YOU are? If you did you wouldn't spend a whole lot of time waiting around for amazing things to happen. You would actually get out there and become a part of the process that is really amazing in itself.

I have allowed myself to be created this Summer. All the "what if's" were diminished, All the "I am not good enough". All the questionable things that could have popped up.... did not keep me from being created. Instead, I went into this summer in such a downhill spiral yet I have evolved into a published writer! Want to buy your copy of You Are More? Click HERE.

If I hadn't allowed myself to dream, and given myself permission to work towards that dream I would still be saying I wished I was a writer! I wished I was enough. I was afraid to just be me and had I really allowed  myself to live that way one more day, not only would I have just given up on a dream I would have taught our daughter and our twin boys that their dreams and goals are not worth achieving.

So if you have been inspired by any means these last few weeks to get out there and allow yourself to not only dream but to also BE what you dream about being... keep it up! Don't let anyone ever tell you that your dreams are silly or that there is no way you could ever achieve it. I am here to tell you that YES you can! God gave you purpose and that purpose is often revealed to you in allowing yourself to be BE the YOU that you want to be!

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