Friday, August 15, 2014

Fountain of Youth Friday!

This has been quite the week! In the last seven days I can't tell you all the times I have had people tell me how young I look! I LOVE that! What woman wouldn't?

I saw pictures of myself from almost 20 years ago and you know something. Not much has changed! I had coworkers who did not know a lot about me, completely surprised that I was even old enough to have a 15 year old. I had a clerk surprised that I was a teacher, because again I did not apparently look "old enough" to be a teacher.

I am 40 people! Well.. in reality in two weeks I will be turning 41! I give God all that glory because in reality I should have skin problems but I do not. You would think as much time as I have spent in the sun this summer I would look aged, I am not. I could use some more water in my system, but water is not my favorite choice.

What I have come to figure out is that I am loving my life. I love waking up and with exception for today, I have been getting up much easier this week. Last night, due to open house last night at the preschool, I was up later than usual and in reality  my whole evening schedule was completely away from normal.

When you truly are living out your God given purpose in life you indeed appear to be younger both in looks and in spirit. I am still a bit tired this evening but I now have the next six weeks for school planned and the planning  mess cleaned up. THAT alone feels like a pretty hefty weight has been lifted off. Now... this evening I plan on reading and beginning book 2 of The Ladies of Cotton Lake series.

Are you feeling haggard? Weathered? Aged? Check into how your living your day to day life. If you are NOT in the Will of God for your life ... it can indeed effect all of that!

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