Monday, August 4, 2014

Motivation for your Monday: August Organization and Goals

I love being organized and being able to see things right in my face. Having things mapped out like who needs to be where when ahead of time makes it easier to plan the menu for the week, cleaning schedules, and to be able to pencil in time for other engagements and of course writing/blogging time.

Here are some of my favorite tools!

1. A planner. This time of year it is easy to pick up a student planner and they are relatively cheap. I choose a small to medium one verses a large one so that I can easily take it with me in my purse or school bag. Now this is not something that I use for school but for my personal family use.

2. Post It Flags: I like this particular one because as you will see below it gives space on each square even if i use two or three on anyone given day. I assign the kids their own color, myself a color, and we have a family color. If there is anything specifically that I need to document for the husband I will use the family color because that often will change what we do as a family.

3. A pen for any additional notes that are needed either on the calendar itself or t he daily portion. (I did not show a picture of how I fill out the daily part because well... everyone's different. We all have our own needs.)

Here is the month of August as an example:

Pink is me: I went ahead and put one for each day I will be at work. If you see two pinks.... or something twice on a pink it is because I need to be somewhere two different times that day. The blank pinks ~ well that is for me to write down my work schedule for each day as it is given to me once I return for in-service.

Yellow is family. Since I knew I only had a few more days of summer vacation, I took the liberty to schedule in some Wave-pool days. Now, I know as well as you I can't predict the weather so .... good thing those flags are removable and re-positional.

Orange were a different kind of "flag" that I cut down that I use when reading books to note those areas that really grab my attention. I used them for this month ONLY to make preseason Houston Texans football games because that is important to us.

Purple/Blue/Green are the kids. When you have three kids in varying sports and extra curricular activities it is just wise to know ahead of time.

Does it look a little bit OCD and obsessive. Maybe but that is how my brain functions best. If I have it before me I can see where the wiggle room is for other things. The only things on that calendar are "mostly" specified and are required of us. No "ifs", "and", or "buts" unless ya know there is illness or things that are completely out of our control. It also helps me to see where I can fit that daily workout in, dinner with friends, time to pick up groceries etc. I have a form that I made for my menu that I will print out for each week and stick in my planner as well so I will know what to prepare AND I write bill due dates in the daily sections so I know when to pay them if they are not already scheduled to be paid.

Someone once asked "How do you keep up?" This is how.

Now... let's talk about August goals! Do you have any? Why not? Remember a little while back  I shared about making SMART goals makes it easier to get to the larger end result goal? I have one goal that I am working towards that is up on August 18th. I will let you know if I made it!

Here are my goals for August:
*BE prepared for school BEFORE the day before the first day. (both for me and the kids ~ these are a week a part).
*Receive and review the proof copy for You Are More and set a Release date!
*Begin writing book 2 in The Ladies of Cotton Cove Series.
*Set up contact and "invite me" specs to begin speaking and sharing the message of LIVING each day beyond just surviving it in women ministries all over. Completed 8/4/2014 *SEE*


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