Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My tank is bigger and I am growing!

Yesterday I was listening to a podcast from Terri Savelle Foy and I had one of those AHA moments. It was one of those times that God allowed me to see the whole picture of things happening around me .

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There is a saying that a fish will grow to the size of it's fish tank. If you look this up it is often said to be a myth. But let me tell ya something. He showed me that while some for some this just a myth, for my life it is a great example.

I am entering my 11th year of teaching preschool For nine of those years it was the same thing. The same routine. The and the same song and dance. Sure ... no year is really alike but just stick with me here. Last year, however there was the biggest change ever. It was in our leadership team and immediately I felt this weight lift off of the environment. Little did I know what it would do for me in my year both physically, spiritually, professionally and even in my personal life. In fact... God showed me what changes had been made. I didn't realize how I felt so much like a tiny fish in a tiny tank. I realized though... that having the ability and space to develop the confidence to grow without judgement or too much question .... I am a much bigger fish! Why? The size of my tank grew! And because of that I am a much better person in my personal and professional life!

I am in a new place and there is this excitement to see what new thing God is going to do next. I haven't felt this way in YEARS! I am amazed at the joy, peace, and simply enjoyment of every day that I am once again getting to experience. God has opened my mind again and because of that I am learning more about Him, myself, and all those around me. It feels good to be a bigger fish!

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

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