Sunday, August 31, 2014

Party like it's your birthday... oh Wait!

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Well it's not my birthday yet! Almost! Like in 24 hours! This year though I am looking forward to it. I know ... as women we get hung up on a number but I am honored to say my age doesn't bother me. Perhaps if I looked like my age ~ it would but since it doesn't I am good! I will be 41. For the next four months I have something to look forward to and/or work towards and in a way reasons to celebrate something special to my life/heart every single month! Have decided to end this whole year with balanced purpose!

September's "purpose" event is to commit to good physical health. The entire month.

October I am going to Icing (Spiritual health),

November I want to run the 5k in Houston's turkey trot (Mental challenge) and self publish book #2 in the Ladies of Cotton Lake Series (Professional health)

December I am going to the Ranch with Joel while he goes deer hunting (Relationship health).

As I succeed in these events and move closer to the end of the year I will sit down and plan out at LEAST the next quarter if not the remainder of my  year of being 41.

Would you like to make my birthday REALLY special this year?! Why not grab a copy of You Are More either for yourself, a friend, your mother, sister, grown daughter, pastor's wife, etc?! You can get that copy here! And each book that is ordered between now and midnight September 1st I will do 25 crunches or squats just for kicks!

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