Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Schedules, Deadlines, Sore Muscles and REST!

Boy Howdee! Talk about a busy busy schedule! Going from full force summer to full force work schedule truly did send me into a tailspin of sorts! And my own children aren't even in school yet ... though this week is chocked full of different meetings to run to after work to get those final things taken care of. I by no means am complaining though yesterday I really felt like whining. I do have to say .... that today, the middle of my first week back to school I feel like the next few weeks are promising! Between football for the twins, drill team for the girl, working a full time schedule, keeping the house clean, all the things a busy mom does really is going to keep my schedule full. But can I let you in on a little secret? I love every minute of it! Yesterday I was in tears, but it was simply because I was overwhelmed and needed to take a deep breath.

I have given myself a deadline or two lately. I have ordered a few copies of You Are More to pass out to a few local women's ministries to introduce this message of YOU ARE MORE as step of faith to what I feel God is calling me to. I was almost grieving yesterday in my prayer time on the way to work because I LOVE teaching ... but in my heart I truly feel like God is leading me and calling me out of that comfort zone and telling me in his own way "You are More than a preschool teacher". He has given me my first "message" to share in a large group setting and I am believing that one day I will be sharing His goodness with millions of women world wide. But .. I must be prepared. So, the first deadline I must meet is this Friday. I must have that message ready as those books will be received then .Saturday I will put them in the mail to their prospective hands of the next step in this journey. The second deadline I gave myself is I want to have written and RELEASED the second book in the Ladies of Cotton Lake series "Moment by Moment" for the week of Thanksgiving!

Sore Muscles
With the return of a work week I decided it was a GREAT time to also allow my daily workouts to return! While I had a GREAT workout Monday, I woke up sore and pushed myself on Tuesday. When I got up in the middle of the night last night I could barely move!! So this morning was a rest day. It was the most logical and best choice that I could have made. I will be better prepared for a good workout tomorrow and again on Friday. Using my fitbit to monitor my activity level I probably almost double if not triple my activity on work days vs weekends.

Which leads me to this topic. REST! A busy schedule MUST include rest! I used to feel guilty for sitting around a few hours on a day off. Uhm..... not anymore! I am moving from the time I get up until almost the time I go to bed if you remove the commute time to and from work. I didn't want to skip this mornings workout but listening to my aching body is a good idea. I can't risk the injury that could come from pushing myself beyond my body's capability. This school year I also get every other Friday off!! This will be a nice time to devote to writing, taking care of the family's errands, and maybe even just scheduling some lunch in with a friend or two! I also believe that God will use those Friday's to perhaps travel and share HIS word that He has given me to share!

As I transition into this new "normal" that is set ahead for me for the next nine months and three weeks I ask that you understand if there are days between blog posts. It isn't because I don't want to post, or I don't have anything to share ~ but my days are just really full!

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