Thursday, August 21, 2014

The importance of REST

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Until yesterday morning, I really did not know the personal benefits of what REST really means for me. Those who know me know I am like a little Chihuahua ~ high energy and very annoying at times. I am one of those go go go go kind of people and well.. this week I have been PUT IN MY PLACE! I was taught a valid lesson yesterday and I realize why. I can't elevate to the next level in my life unless I learned one truth. REST is important!


Rest is Restorative! Not only to the body (also know as physically), but mentally, emotionally, creatively, and spiritually. When life feels overwhelming we need to ask ourselves if we have been running on low (or empty) to any of the areas above ~ most importantly physically and spiritually. Those two are what help spin the rest of you! I for one was physically exhausted. And sore! After two days of a good workout.. physically my body was screaming for rest. I shared a little bit of that yesterday. By yesterday evening my back was really bothering me. So I found myself laying in the floor and one of the twins karate chopping my back, and relieving me of pain for just a bit. Then not long after that the teenager came in and I had her do the same but she took it to another level. She walked on my back and was amused at how much it popped. IMMEDIATELY I felt relief! This morning I took another physical rest day from working out.

Rest is energizing! If you are waking up still tired, then I can assure you that you did not rest well. Have you ever woke up ready for the day? Then you indeed rested! That is me this morning. I can feel the world of difference and KNOW with all that I am, that I did indeed rest well and I am energized for the day ahead!

Rest is Stabilizing! Sounds like a weird word to use in coalition with rest but good rest does indeed stabilize your emotions, your energy levels, and believe it or not it helps to make decision making more stable rather than sporadic. More impulse purchases are made when we are exhausted. Relationship trouble often happens when one is exhausted ~ whether it be emotional or physical exhaustion. All exhaustion effects the brain the same way.

Rest is timely. There is a difference between someone needing rest and someone choosing to just be lazy. Knowing the difference will bring balance into your life.

Photo Courtesy: No copyright infringement intended

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