Thursday, August 14, 2014

What season are YOU in?

Do you know what SEASON of life your in? Did you know that you can hit 'Spring' more than once? And honestly at first I was going to say that you can be in different seasons of your life in various areas but I am not so sure that is true. Now, please know that this is just my thoughts and blogging is often a way that I personally process some things.

About a week or two ago I began to feel like I was indeed approaching a season of harvest. :) Harvest is nice and it takes so much work to get there. It takes a lot of toiling, sewing, fighting against the external forces, and even against your own personal choices. Harvest doesn't come easy. Harvest..... is also not so long lasting because it is after all just a season.

I felt it in my personal life ~ in the relationships that are closest to me. I also began to feel it in reaching my own goals and finding myself again after burying it under other people's expectations for a good four years. I felt it deep within. I haven't felt this good, this free, this .... wonderful in a very long time.

Fast forward to this week. I returned to work, to face a new school year. Honestly I feel like this has been one of those very productive weeks where not only are we finally becoming more unified as a whole, every single part of our program has grown! Harvest! After three years of a gender unbalance one way or another, as of today it is even Steven. We are prepared and for once ... I don't feel overwhelmed or exhausted to start the year!


As a verb, to harvest something is to gather, trap, or cull it. You can harvest a soybean crop, you can harvest beaver pelts, or you can harvest tissues or organs for transplants.(via

So, again I ask you! What season are YOU in? Do you know?

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