Sunday, August 10, 2014

What would happen if YOU actually set yourself up to reach BIG dreams?

I have been sharing much over the summer about actually reaching your dreams. Not just tiny goals like saving ten bucks but WRITING a book and having it published before the end of Summer!!! I reached that! in fact I reached it before my initial goal of my birthday which is September 1st. I didn't however reach it alone. Honestly I *might* have reached it YEARS ago if I had allowed God to move in my life the way He was trying ... and I let go of things that I needed to let go of. Changing my surroundings, whom I spend time and energy with/on, and the way in which I choose to spend my day. That's it. That is all that I changed with God's leading and guess what.. I am now realizing that Goals ARE worth making and striving for.

I learned that sometimes things that seem good doesn't always mean they are good for you EVEN IF they are good for someone else. That was the case with me. God closed a door for me and opened a new one and the instant result of that is this beautiful thing. I truly feel like a butterfly today when just two months ago I felt like I was stuck in a cocoon going no where.

With that being said, I took the weekend "off" from writing and gave my brain a break. In the same breath I felt out of sorts and well... like a slacker. But I now feel refueled and ready to move forward not just with writing goals but other goals that will indeed lead to a whole and fulfilling life. I know .... but I want you to ask yourself this one question:

What Would Happen If.......

What would happen if ..... you put the scales away and simply made changes that your body is asking you to make? Would it change your motives? If your wanting to lose weight simply for a # you will never be satisfied even if you meet the # you are looking to. Sure, it may make you happy but it won't last. I know this from experience! However if you make the changes you know you need to make ~ simply for the reason of changing you will not only be happy but you will be satisfied. We do not walk around this world with a # tattooed on our forehead for all to see.... but they do see our attitudes, how we feel about our-self, and contrary to what society wants you to believe health radiates from the inside out (and it's not just weight health I am talking about). A healthy person has energy, strength, and endurance. A healthy person isn't simply surviving day to day... they are LIVING their life and working towards their goals and dreams.

What would happen if.... you stopped listening to someone tell you how your "nothing" and began listening to someone tell you that God made you great what do you think is going to happen? God's word does NOT say you are nothing, not worthy, nor a horrible person. No! He says you are GREAT! He HAND knit you in your momma's womb! Do you know what time, energy, and creativity that takes? Until you stop listening to the voices that beat you down ~ you will be beat down. Until you start listening to the voices that remind you of your great purpose you won't find it. STOP listening to the voices that turn you away from God's GREAT purpose for your life!

What would happen if .... you started everyday with a smile, a deep breath and a simple appreciation for being alive? Every  day is a GIFT and we need to stop taking it for granted. Upset because you "have to" go to work? Then quit. But I bet you can't quit because you like to eat, like to walk into a cool house on a hot day, like running water, even enjoy having a device of some sort to read this post. Just imagine if you began saying you GET to go to work?! YOU would find great purpose in what your doing even if it is just taking financial care for your family until you find a way to do that following your dreams.

What would happen if .... the little mundane things in your day (loading/unloading the dishwasher ...sorting laundry, taking out the trash) became instant dance and song sessions?? Oh my goodness could you imagine the joy that would come upon not only you but anyone else watching?!

What would happen if .... those around you were influenced by YOU? Can I tell you something they already are!  For some this could be a Yahoo moment .... but for many it most like an "OUCH" moment. Whether we know it or not we are indeed influenced by one another. And it can either be a negative or a  positive or negative influence. People and influence are like negatives so there are no "neutrals" you either attract or repel.

You can keep this going ... but I think I have given you enough to think about. I challenge you to begin working on your What would happen if.... statements because I can promise you .. the impact is amazing and powerful.


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