Monday, September 8, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: Yep it's back!

Menu Plan Monday is back for me!

Now I have to show you the new method I am using for my menu planning!

Yep! I printed this print out for a "sticky note" menu plan planning sheet either from pinterest or from teacherspayteachers. Oh my I have come to LOVE LOVE LOVE using sticky notes for every little thing! Why not menu planning too?

The changes in my menu plan:
All of the kids are happy buying lunch at school. Fine by me. Am I getting off cheaper? I doubt it. I still pay 65.00 a week for school lunches for three teens. (well 1 teen and 2 preteen boys) Breakfast is very light! Two of them have football practice and one does not eat a whole lot for breakfast. This week breakfast options are Oscar Meyer P3's (2 days), Pumpkin Bread, Chocolate chip muffins, Pancakes. Done.

What are YOU serving this week? Need more menu planning inspiration? Hop on over to Laura's blog at Organized Junkie and check out Menu plan monday!

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