Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It only takes time!

Over the last few months I have come to the realization for what my heart really desires to accomplish outside of home and family. I love teaching preschool, and while this is my eleventh year in doing so I can honestly say that I will always love being with kiddos, especially at the preschool level. They are so much fun and even tough days usually end on an enjoyable moment.

Time is all you have!
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With that said, my hearts desire is to truly minister to women through writing, speaking and leading them to enjoy this life that God has given us ... not just survive it! I see a lot of weary faces morning after morning ~ both parents, teacher friends, passer by's and it just breaks my heart! I am sure it breaks His too!

Now I don't know about you but when God puts something so heavy on your heart, and it becomes a desire so deep, I want to do it right now! Problem is.. I can't! Why? I am in the prep stages. Not only am I creating the content to go with this message, but God is also creating and preparing ME for such a task. We live in such a "I want it now" society that we become too used to instant gratification, and things happening quickly. Of course unless you are doing an overhaul on your life or buying a house which has it's bumps in the roads, and takes more time than one can imagine.

Is it discouraging? Well I guess it could be and I will tell you I was a bit discouraged for a good week until I heard a sweet little message yesterday of understanding that just because I want it now.. doesn't mean I am ready for it! God surely still has a lot to accomplish in me to prepare me for such a life. The good news? It only takes time! As long as I am alive guess what I have? TIME!

As soon as I let go of this feeling of "I have to do this now" I began to feel free and no longer overwhelmed. I am excited about every day again, knowing that I will be just one day closer to reaching my dream! The thing is.. I am in a way already living it and have been for many years! Do you know how? This blog! Facebook posts!

Amazing stuff I tell you!!!

So... what are you doing to reach your goals and dreams? Do you know what you want to do? I run into mother's everywhere I go and I often hear "My  job is to take care of my home and my family." I love that! And the wonderful thing is I can honestly say so is mine!! We have that in common. But we must remember our children are not going to be in our homes forever. There will be less to tend to. What are you going to do with you time and energy? Please say that you plan to do more with your life then just sit around and watch the days go by! That is NOT what we were created to do. I truly think that is why many of us begin to feel t his struggle of wanting more to our lives then barely making it day to day. To spur us on to doing *something*.

It only takes time to figure out what it is that your heart and soul long to do. It only takes time to transition your life into making that happen. It only takes time and what more do you need?


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  1. What an encouraging message!

  2. Wonderful post this one and the one before it. A lot of food for thought that is one of the reasons I love reading your blog.

  3. Beautiful and powerful message you are sharing here :)


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