Monday, October 6, 2014

Motivation for your Monday: Embrace the Season

As Autumn has swept on in and I for one couldn't be happier. It is one of my favorite seasons! Summer is one of my favorites as well because I like the warm weather, and the freedom that it brings. Autumn however brings in a rush of busyness but some amazing weather!

For our family Football seems to take up a bit of extra time and that is something that has been used by God to pull our family together in one solid unit. Between the twins playing, and the girl being on the drill team ~ there are some weeks we get to watch Middle school AND the High School Varsity game. This past week was one of those! Busy as it is and as much as I could grumble about going to and fro I know that this season passes all too quickly. And to watch something I love and enjoy to pass so quickly is not something I desire to do. What's the alternative? To embrace the season, day by day for the beauty, and uniqueness that it brings.

Here are a few ways that I like to do that!
1. Decorate! In our older home I did decorate for Autumn, but it is nothing like the enjoyment I now get from decorating our home. Especially the fireplace! Here is a tiny glimpse of our Autumn touches in our home.

2. Light some candles! My current favorite this time of year is "leaves" by Bath and Body Works. I usually pick up a couple when they are on sale and enjoy the warmth that comes both from the soft flickering light and the fragrance. Lighting candles represents quiet peaceful moments to me and I love lighting them in the evenings or on cloudy days.

3. Bake something with either apples or pumpkin! Both bring the season into your home by fragrance and taste. Even if you do not want to eat it or have it in your house for whatever reason, bake it and share with the neighbors!

4. Bring out the soup pot! I am currently in the habit of making soup at least once a week, but in the Autumn it kicks up to maybe twice a week depending on the week. Soups are a great way to keep your grocery budget on track and give a great meal to your family. The next time you just don't want to cook instead of running out to grab fast food, consider making a throw together kind of soup. Toss in veggies, cooked meat that is left over, beans, pasta and tomatoes and you have a filling and tasty meal. Add a side of fresh bread and you have a feast!

Better Than Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup
Check the recipe tab up top for recipe 

5. Get outside and enjoy the weather! If it is on the cool side, put on a sweater and sit in the sunshine. Open the windows and allow the outside to be ushered into your home. Not only will you freshen your home, but  you will  help sweep out germs that may be hanging about.

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