Monday, October 13, 2014

Motivation for your Monday: Perspective

Let's take a look at what the word perspective means.

a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

So, even like minded people have different perspectives on things/situations/people because really it is just our own interpretation of things. It doesn't mean one perspective is any better than another either. It just different. And that's okay. But... we have to be careful because sometimes our own perspective can hinder us from the reality of what is really happening. 

The other morning I walked toward the living room and I noticed how foggy it looked through the front door. It struck me as odd because I didn't remember the weather people even suggesting that it was going to be foggy. Usually they are spot on when it comes to fog. Here is what I saw:

But then I happened to glance in the dining room and was completely shocked! 

It wasn't foggy at all. In fact it was as clear as day! 

Apparently the humidity was high that morning and the coolness inside of the house battled it out on the glass of the front door (why just the front door I have no idea other than so I could snap those pictures for this blog post, and so that God could whisper to my heart a little).

Sometimes our judgement in the matter of things in our lives (or others) is simply just a matter of perspective. When I first saw that foggy door I had already began painting pictures in my mind of what was to come in regards to driving, hair, etc. Needlessly at that!

How we view things really changes the outcome at times. If I sit and constantly view my life as a struggle guess what!? It will remain a struggle. If I sit and constantly view my days as over busy guess what ~ in many ways they will be. Whether it be because they are indeed busy OR because I put things off to the point that I have to rush to get things accomplished that I have no time to do what I wanted to do because I wasted it.

Is there an area in your life where maybe your looking out seeing fog?! Time to clear up that perspective!

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