Friday, October 31, 2014

October Favorites

I can't believe this is already the last day of October and we are then facing the final two months of the year. Crazy is it not!? I can tell you I have loved a lot of October but in a sense it has gone by so fast that it is like a blur! Between football practice, drill team practice, middle school football games, high school football games, teaching, and keeping all five of us alive it has been a good month!

1. Pumpkin
Yesterday I shared a recipe for Pumpkin Hot Chocolate (my favorite of those is the Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate). I also love these Pumpkin Bars that I make a few times this time of year. Pumpkin just make Autumn feel well.. Autumnish.

2. Boots
Who doesn't love boots this time of year with leggings, sweaters or jeans?!

3. Bath & Body Works' Wallflowers
I have used both "Leaves" and Cinnamon Pumpkin with both ranking right at the same level. They both leave your home smelling like Autumn and neither are really over powering. The Cinnamon Pumpkin is more cinnamon scent than I would say pumpkin.

4. Tide w/ Downy
This has been our favorite go to laundry soap detergent. It cleans really well and smells amazing! I do still use Downy softener along with the detergent.

5. Build your own salad bar
Yes! Our family does enjoy having a "salad" night at least once a month and it is a good meal that gets a week's worth of veggies in (jk) and it is something I can plug in on one of those busy nights where cooking an elaborate meal just ins't feasible.

So there ya have it! My favorite top 5 for the month! What are some products, recipes, items you have been enjoying this month?! Leave a message in the comments and I may pick one of your suggestions to try for November!


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