Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shake it up Saturday: Just Be!

Thursday was a hectic day in the classroom. Between chapel, a visit from the local fire department for Fire Safety Week, Story time, it was decided that we would let the kids "just be". We had been busy all week and got a great deal of thing accomplished. It was time to just let them have their moment of time where they explored the room and did what they felt led to. The amazing thing? They were all so happy, so content, and so willing.

Friday evening God really began to work within my heart deeply, moving me into a season (for who knows how long) to do just that as well. "Just Be". Every free moment I have had has gone to Thrive Camp, writing, etc and I have given so much during that time. I am empty. I need to be refueled.

It's scary to let go of what has become my "new normal" but it is so good and exciting as well. It has been a LONG time since I have been still. Too long. I NEED this, and I have to let go of the fear and worry that I will never "reach those dreams". If it is OF God.. they will happen. But I can tell you they won't happen if I am empty, bitter, and the light has dimmed.

Today I am letting go of the plans I have made ~ and I rest in the plans that God will lay out before me each day. Gone is the worry of ever getting "there", and instead I am free to worship God as long in the day as I desire ~ because my to do list just got a bit more free.


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  1. Good for you. I love reading your post and inspiration.


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