Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shake it up Saturday: SPEAK!

Speak! That's right, don't sit there in silence! I want to hear you.. your voice, your words, the passion behind them, and most of all... YOU!  But.... can I share something with you first?!

We are not called to be silent in our lives, especially on the things that matter most. This verse was brought to my attention from the hubster yesterday and God brought it to my heart as I sat down to write this post.

See the words of our mouth should be reflecting the mediation of our hearts.... and both should be pleasing in His sight! But often we want to say things that are guarded, because either our thoughts are not so pleasing, or ... neither is the motive behind them.


We are all guilty of saying things that really are not truly reflective of what we want them to be. I for one have hurt feelings of others because I either didn't think before I spoke OR... I was so wrapped up in myself that I spoke out of hurt, frustration, loneliness,

We can always tell ourselves that we can fix it, but really once words are spoken they are released ~ and have to go somewhere. Most likely they go into hearts, minds, and memories that will never be erased, even with an apology.

Words hurt. Words heal. Words can change the lives of those who hear or read them. Speak responsibly!

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