Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shake it up Saturday: When your world turns and the seasons hurt

There are many times in our lives when it seems like we go through these seasons, or as some would call lessons of life. The one thing that life doesn't teach you is that not everyone will be happy for you as you grow in your life. Even friends that you have had for years, heck even family will sometimes pull away.

Why is it that when things are going good in your life, people tend to fall to the sidelines? Why is it that when your having troubles everyone is there trying to comfort you, or maybe even encourage you? I am not only seeing this in my own circle of those whom I associate with, but I am seeing it in my daughter's relationships as well. It wasn't until this morning that this connection really came forth coming even though I posted the following two status' on social media yesterday.

This morning as I was running errands I was listening to a podcast and just thinking. Yes at the same time. While driving. Scary I know. Anyway, I feel so blessed to know that when Joel and I moved to Cove, it was God's plan for our family. It's a nice feeling to KNOW with all that you are.... that you are right where God desires you to be. Sadly... not everyone has seemed to happy for us, but that is not our burden to hold. We have met many neighbors that are more than friends now. In fact, they are family.

You can't control the way people treat you....but you can choose to not allow it to continue. This is the lesson of the week folks. There will be a test but it will be a pop quiz. Will you pass or fail?

Amazing to me that God was beginning to work through some things in me this week as I took a break from writing, to reveal to me the one hurdle that is holding me back from moving forward. The simple fact that I do not have but a handful of people (My husband, children, mom and a couple of neighbors and maybe two friends from work) that would actually be happy for me if I was able to be successful in my ventures. Yet, when I struggle ..... there are people all around me. That isn't' necessarily a good thing though. See this is the whisper I heard. "When you are moving up to the next level people feel threatened, scared, and sadly they want to hold you back so you won't leave them behind so they leave you first."

I am TEARS now as I sit in this revelation because I almost did just forget my vision and was allowing their reaction to be the death of that vision and goal. Sad isn't it?! When I thought I had a clear and strong support system I realize that it isn't as large as I once thought, but in the same breath it is pretty darn strong!

I don't often request for my teenage daughter to read my blog because she hear's Mom's thoughts all the time and she would mostly either say "I already know that" or give a classic eye roll. This time however, I am going to have her sit down and read this for herself when she gets home from drill team practice. Why? Because she too is facing one of these same seasons in her life ~ where she is growing in an amazing pace to become such a beautiful young woman inside and out and there have been people she thought were her friends either speak ill of her or treat her down right ugly. The thing is... I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is because she has grown, she does have vision for her life, and above that... she is learning to NOT need their support and encouragement to reach those goals. This girl is always teaching me something. I think that is why God allows us to become parents ~ so we can learn things we never would have learned without them.

So.. for my own benefit let me share MY vision with you once again.

Thrive Camp: I see thrive camp being in 25 venues in a year ~ bringing strength to women to live their life the way God intended it to be and taking a stand to simply stop JUST surviving! I see homes being transformed into the safe havens they should be because of this change in the way they look at their lives and embrace each day as the gift it was intended. I see marriages restored. I see children being raised in ways that bring out their God given gifts and talents with a vision of their own from early young ages.

The Ladies of Cotton Lake: I already have planned 4 books in this series with ONE already published. This series is derived to give a spin on the principles of Thrive Camp in lives of four women who came together by accident but now cant' imagine being separated. Together they face things like health issues, pregnancy both adult and teenage, career struggles and victories, ministry leadership as well as everyday relationships such as marriage, friendship, etc.

One Pretty Little Box: I also see this blog growing to thousands upon thousands of regular readers and Facebook Fans  who are touched by the hand of God in my life ~ and encouraged and inspired by the things I post. Not because of who I am ... but because who I am in Christ!

So, there you have it. In the midst of a broken heart and tears I found revelation that sometimes God calls us to do things that are not understood by others. I also NOW understand the statement from Terri Savelle Foy that we must be careful who we spend our time with as that is what we become. I am an encourager, but if I am surrounded by those who want others NOT to thrive in their lives, it's not going to work well. I thank God for removing those from my life who do not support growth, thriving, and strength that He has given me. Yes, I realize that is a strong statement but I am sure Noah had a few of those statements of his own. Even Jesus upset some who once called him friends when HE began to stand for the vision that God gave Him. I am not saying I am a god or Jesus but I am saying that I am no longer going to turn my back on the vision he clearly gave me to hold onto people who would rather see me fail than succeed.


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  1. Good for you and I think I needed to hear this myself right now.Wishing you all the best lady.


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