Tuesday, November 11, 2014

God is amazing!

So, I come to you telling you that yesterday I came to a breaking point. I have "felt" this burning on the inside yet I fought it. I sought counsel a few weeks ago from my husband and while he gave the permission to continue if it is what I wished to do ~ I still had some reservations. Not because I didn't trust my husband's thoughts and desires because really that is one of my utmost priorities. But because even though he gave his blessing, I could still feel the tug from God saying "hold up!".

All the time, energy, and words to what I called "Thrive Camp" has come to an end. Officially. Unless God boldly opens that door ~ I am done. Do you know why? Because I want peace. I want peace in my home, relationships, and in  my day to day life. Peace hasn't come in those areas for long while I write this particular thing. Why? I don't know. I don't understand. But I give it to God. It is his. I surrender!

As I made this bold move .... I had doubts. I thought  maybe this is a test to see if I can endure what comes. Let me tell you  ~ what came was not what I want for my life, for my home, nor for any future generation. We thrive in our lives, when we give it ALL to God!

Breath in.. breath out! God is good! Writing is fun, and I love doing it. I will still be blogging but for now I am putting the "writing" to the side. My priorities are my relationship with God, my husband, our children, our home, and work. That's it. Nothing more.

Off to clean out the fireplace and tend to something for work!


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