Monday, November 10, 2014

Motivation for your Monday: You're the inspiration

How many of you are now singing the 80's journey hit? I am for sure! I loved that song! In fact, I remember singing it in a Choir Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser my senior year! Wow that was a long time ago!

Yesterday I wrote down the following:

 "Your 24 hours for the day starts now! Everyone has the same hours. It's how we choose to use them that's different! Will you choose excuses or discipline?! The choice is yours!" ~

Yesterday I also felt led to commit to walking 2 miles a day everyday for the rest of the year. It would total up to 104 miles and really two miles isn't very much. As I got up this morning the allergy mess I had been fighting for a few days was still heavy around. I had bags under my eyes and I was just not feeling the umph. I logged on the computer and the above post was the first thing I saw. I remembered how God is calling me to more discipline in my life and less excuses and all I had with me to NOT walk those two miles this morning before I woke up kids were excuses.

I went immediately to my room, blew a kiss up to God because it was his prompting that made me indeed remember the reason behind my commitment. That was the best start to my day! As I walked those miles and felt the sweat dripping down my back (I happen to enjoy that for some odd reason), I realized how good it felt to follow through with a goal for the day.

See, we often get lost in the goal ~ the whole picture and forget that there is so much more to it! 32 minutes is how long it took. I walked and jogged alternately and will work my way up to jogging the whole two miles. But after the 32 minutes, the commitment part to my goal for the day was done. I now do not have to think about it again until I wake up tomorrow.

I took a shower, got dressed fixed the kids breakfast, took out the trash then went to the master bedroom and changed the sheets. It is after all, "Clean Sheet Day". Why did I tell you that?! Because I share so much of my life with you and I often get asked "How do you do it all?" I can tell you the why is more important than the how.

Working outside of the home is not something that I dread or dislike. I love my job. I love that I can contribute to our home, but more than that can lead children into a life long love of learning. But it isn't easy. It isn't easy keeping laundry done, a house clean, kids to and from practices, attending games, trying to keep my husband happy, meals cooked, yard kept up, AND blog/write. It isnt' easy at all but I do it because that is who I am. That is what I am. I am focused. I am encouraged to bring more consistency to my family than most. I am inspired to squeeze out all I can of a day and not just waste it away lounging around.

I have shared some of my cleaning routine and because of that ~ I want to stick to it so that I am not a "fake". I don't want to ever be a hypocrite. I like to cook for my family and try out a few new recipes a week. I also like to share them with you! I like to create and decorate my home, and yes I like to share that with you to inspire you to make your home a safe haven for your family and yourself.

I would like to say Thank You because of you, I am a better homemaker, cook, wife, and mother. Thank you for allowing me into your leisure reading time, coffee time, or whenever you find time to read here.

You're the inspiration behind One Pretty Little Box!



  1. I love reading your post on Mondays and have been reading on Thrive blog as well. You do inspire and help people. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and being brave enough to let others see it.

  2. You are always so encouraging Raine! I thank you for that! Thrive is down for now ~ I will have a post explaining that tomorrow!


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