Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 What an AMAZING year!

This year I can say was really one of the best of my life! It is hard to top the year I met my husband, the year we got married, the year our first child was born, the year we had the twins, and the year we bought our home but .... really 2014 was really the BEST ever!

But if I am to be honest that year didn't get amazing ...... really amazing until June. I discovered by accident Terri Savelle Foy and the world was unleashed in a whole new fresh way for me. In fact there was something deep within me awakened that no one else could have done. While I planned for my word in 2014 to be balance it turns out .... it was indeed "Awakening". We can pick our "words" and goals but sometimes we are driven by unsuspected forces to find a new path.

Here is what I discovered and what was highlighted in 2014

1. I am a writer! Yes you heard/read that right. I thought for so long that it was my hearts desire to share in writing, but over and over this  year that has been confirmed by YOU.... and many others who have read what I have written. This is a gift and I am honored to be trusted with so much!

2. I am a very focused driven person. When I set goals, unlike many it is important for me to achieve them. With this comes a lot of responsibility and a bit of frustration for not accomplishing what I set out to achieve.

3. Family means everything. Extended family included but not above or beyond my own intimate family of my husband, myself, and our three kids. It doesn't matter what or who.... if you hurt one of us, you hurt us all. We have experienced this and have been hurt as nothing has changed with us moving, yet we were definitely treated differently. As long as I have my husband and my children ~ nothing else matters.

4. I went from a full classroom in June to a small classroom in August. I love the challenges of both!

I thought I would share a few tidbits with you that made 2014 great!

Here is the top posts for each month:
January : Broccoli, Ham, & Cheese Souip: (read it here)
February: Love is all you need (Read it here)
March: Fire Cracker Crackers (Read it here )
April: All that You Can Be (Read it here)
May: The Straw That What?! (Read it here)
June: Love can be HOT & Crawfish dip (Read it here)
July: I walked away! (Read it here)
August: Thoughts on the ASL Challenge and why I am opting out (Read it here)
September: When the weeds take over (Read it here)
October: It Only Takes Time (Read it here)
November: Still Giving Thanks (Read it here)
December: I love organizing .. do you? (Read it here)

I wrote and self published my first book: You Are More (click the title for the link to purchase on your own) and I am now working on book #2 of this series!

I am also creating and preparing a special "Camp" for women who long to live their lives again instead of barely making it from day to day. If you like more information please let me know!

As you can see... 2014 was full, blessed, and amazing. I can't wait to delve into 2015 with you, my family, and to see what the universe has to offer!


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