Saturday, December 20, 2014

I Love Organizing ... Do you? *Give A Way* (closed)

I really do LOVE organizing. I know it sounds nuts and for someone who is really busy you would think that when I get a chance to just sit I would. And to be honest I do.... every now and then. I just like to be doing things. Another thing I have always liked to do is to help encourage other people when they are struggling in an area where I am finding great success. I have always wanted to share in the "wealth" of learning new ways to become a better wife and mother whether it be through my health or other avenues. In 2015 I would LOVE to offer some personal assistance service to struggling wives and mothers who would like help in getting organized in their home (or other area of their life), develop skills such as menu planning, budgeting, and more at a reasonable rate for us all.

Why not end 2014 and start 2015 with a gift for one of you!

What you will win if you are chosen:

1. A one on one personal consultation. In this consultation we will determine one solid area to work on together for four weeks. This is NOT limited to one, it will depend on the area in which help is needed. Some areas in our lives take more energy, time, and focus than others.

2. A plan mapped out just for you!

3. The first week there will be daily communication to make sure we are on target to reach the goal that is set for this month. After that first week together we will agree on what type of commuincation is best and how often in order to see you find success at the end of your month.

HOW can you win? That's easy! You have a week to enter, and you can enter ONCE a day if you'd like. However .. you must go to the Jump Start Giveaway spot on Rafflecopter that I have set up here just for you!! ****a Rafflecopter giveaway***

When will a winners be chosen? The giveaway will end at 12:00 am on December 27th! There will be two winners and I will contact them via email within 48 hours to start the process! Depending on the success, this may be a service this is offered as early as February or March 2015.

Thanks and Good luck to you all!

A winner has been chosen and contacted! Thank you for those who participated and was interested in this offer. Please be on the lookout for January's giveaway coming soon! If you are interested in help with organizing an area in your life ~ stay tuned! We will share the journey with you and the outcome as well as a testimonial from the winner along with a special discount offer for you!


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