Monday, December 29, 2014

Motivation for your Monday Focusing on 2015

I know many of you like to make New year's Resolutions, and many of you do not. Despite your previous thoughts on them let's make one thing clear. If you do not like where your life is going the only one who has the power to change it is you. That's it. Yes you can pray. Yes, you can do whatever your church leader may tell you, but in reality the only one responsible for the choices YOU make is YOU. I don't know about you but 2014 for me was amazing. With that said I want 2015 to top that!

Here are a few suggestions from me:
1. Pick a word that has been resonating within you for the last few weeks.
Is it rest? Is it budget? Is it compassion? I for a while was thinking "commitment" was  my word but realized last week that it is not. I will share on my own personal "plan" for 2015 on Wednesday!

2.I challenge you to make ONE goal for each of the following areas of your life. Do not simply focus on one and please for your own good.... make it specific and detailed.
a. Relationships
b. Finance and Money
c. Job & Career
d. Health & Fitness
e. Fun & Recreation
f. Personal (Spiritual, Material, etc)
g. Contribution to the world and/ or your community

3. Break down each goal into mini monthly goals.

4. Break each monthly goal down into weekly goals.

5. Break each weekly goal down into a daily goal.

Why? Why am I having you break these down? Because sometimes we make these lofty goals and instead of tackling them through the year we think ... "oh well.. I will get to it this summer" then summer comes and we think "Oh well.. I can do it in the fall" and blah blah blah. Here is an example I will share of you from one of my actual goals.

1. Personal Goal
What is it? Reading more.
How much? A minimum of 24 books this year.
HOW can I get that done? 2 books a month.
What can I do to ensure that I actually do that? One book every two weeks. Order via Amazon ahead of time, keeping an ear/eye out for something that catches my eye or heart. Checking them out at the library on a lunch break from work.

Now because I work full time, write full time, and have a family and marriage that I work diligently to sustain, reading gives me a bit of "down" time AND did you know that "Leaders are readers?" I am a leader. Are you? I first had a larger goal  that I would honestly put at a higher level but I want to be realistic in goal making yet make it challenging enough to push me further. That higher goal was 2 fiction and 1 non fiction book a month ... but let's be honest. I want to enjoy reading and don't want it to become a chore.

So, now that you have gotten a peek at this plan, do you think it is doable? Please don't let another year go by where you just "go with the flow". You have the capabilities in you to make this your best year yet. Leaving it to chance is sure to guarantee one thing. Your life will never change. The world around you will. Relationships will. But your life will not ~ and in reality that leaves you behind the pack.


Resources to encourage you on your quest:
Jack Canfield's Starting the New Year Right Video
Terri Savelle Foy ~ The Greatest Investment You Can Make
Tony Robbins ~ New year New Life

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