Monday, December 15, 2014

Motivation for your Monday: It's beginning to look a lot like ....

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. Always has been and each year it gets more and more special to me. As a child and a teen it was the one time of year where I felt all was well with the world. My parents were happy, I was excited, school was fun, and who didn't love Christmas break?!

As an adult on the flip side, there hare been times where I felt the pressure of the word in regards to Christmas and the things I should do as a parent but each year I become more and more in tune with what the Christmas Spirit really is about.

I LOVE movies that are based on the Charles Dickens classic "Scrooge". I just love "transformations" in general, and Ebeneezer Scrooge goes through the biggest transformation that one can visibly see in what to others look like it has been an overnight miracle ~ but in reality it took years to produce.

People like to say that their past doesn't matter anymore, and people shouldn't judge you by that. But in reality your past is what has helped mold you into being who and what you are this very minute. Past experiences, relationships, and circumstances and the way in which we have handled them indeed is the result of who we are right this minute. Every single choice, decision, action, and thought. Stop telling people (and yourself) that your past shouldn't matter because in reality it is important. For some you can now look back and see what you have overcome. For others you can see what once was, and if you desire it enough know what you want your reality to become.

I hear often "why did I have to go through that"? Well guess what?! There was a reason. Sometimes it is a consequence of our own choices, other times it is just predestined to be. Either way ~ don't focus so much energy on what was, but instead look at what is now. What is happening now? Are you happy with that? Can you make a difference choice? Is God leading you to make other choices yet you feel trapped by tradition, or stuck in the muck of what is.

Ebeneezer was given a second chance and I am thankful he took it! He went to bed on Christmas Eve lonely, angry, sad, hurt, bitter and in a cold shell. He woke up redeemed, refreshed, energized, with a giving heart ready to give and embrace the day for what it is worth.

I pray that each of us have an "Ebeneezer Scrooge" moment these two weeks leading up to Christmas so t hat we too can experience the GIFT of the season. As Christians we celebrate Christmas as Jesus's Birthday even though we really don't know when his true birthday was. BUT.... we as people of this world today, also celebrate Christmas as a time of giving, sharing, and experiencing true JOY.

If you don't get a chance to stop in until after Christmas, let me say I am praying this is the most amazing life changing Christmas for you! This week I hope to share a few Christmas related posts, memories, pictures, and recipes! h

There is a WHOLE new One Pretty Little Box coming! Lots of new resources, memberships etc heading your way! The week between Christmas and New Years I will be sharing the vision for One Pretty Little Box, as well as a few "top posts of 2014"! Until next time, have a blessed day! Get out there and embrace today for the gift it is!


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