Thursday, December 18, 2014

When Plans Come Together

So, it began last weekend. The desire to return to writing. This week God led me to a blog post that helped me see that I was feeling defeated, like a failure and hurt because my expectations were not what indeed occurred when I released my first book. And now, the end of the week... and I am feeling like a new person again, encouraged, and ready to continue on not becoming a writer (because I already am) but to continue learning the industry in which I desire to be a part of. With that, will come some new additions to this blog and how I share what I love most! What does that mean?

For you, it means more content (blogs and other resources). For me, it means consistency, commitment, and dedication to you ~ the ones who love to be a part of my life through this place I call my home online!

Now... do I share the details right now!? Of course not! We have bigger things to get ready for! We have Christmas coming up! The sweet news? As much as I love my classroom and teaching, I am looking forward to 17 straight days at home with my family! In that time I will be preparing for the changes to One Pretty Little Box, celebrating Christmas, working on book #2 in the "Ladies of Cotton Lake" series, and truly LOVING on my husband and kids as much as I can!

If you have ever been discouraged by the lack of consistent posting on this blog, please know that I have felt it, I have heard you and it is being addressed this year! I am listening, and seeking wisdom on the changes that will take place, but the ones I already know about .... are so exciting!

If you come here for the recipes.... boy do I have so  me doozies for you this year! If you come here for a quick pick me up, trust me ... those will continue. If you come here to keep up with my writing adventures, then stick around there is sure to be lots more of those! If you like the book reviews, product reviews, and such ... oh boy have I got some fun stuff coming!

I just love when plans come together!

The whole reason I am making this effort is indeed because I want to be a better person. I have always considered myself a hard worker ~ yet I find that I can always work just a bit harder. Blogging for me, is a form of therapy as well as a creative outlet. Through blogging I have met some amazing people, and have been able to allow my gift of word sharing, encouragement, and inspiration really come forth. I thank you if you have been on this journey with me for the long haul. If your new, I welcome you with a grateful heart, and ask that you stick around to check out what's new for 2015! The BEST is yet to come!

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