Friday, January 23, 2015

Family Matters: Balance!

That's right! That one word that sounds so lovely and comforting yet often is so hard to achieve. I think I might have figured out why! Have you noticed that when you focus on something a whole lot it becomes so very important to you? Like you begin noticing things on that topic, people use the word or concept around you, it is talked about on the news, it maybe is trending on facebook in the stats on the side, etc.

Let's use the word "diet". You decide that you want to lose ten pounds. All of a sudden you notice others around who are wanting to lose weight. It is on the news in t heir "feel good" stories or health stories. You are in line at the grocery store and you see a magazine cover with all of these "Diets that work". You over hear conversations about losing weight. It's everywhere.

Balance however ... is something that is often only talked about wanting to be achieved. You might see a few success stories but not many of them have the same outcome nor the same path taken. Simply put finding balance is NOT a clear cut science. Want to know why? Because your perspective of balance is most likely different than mine. We have different priorities. We have different goals. With that said, how can we achieve balance?

Balance: (In my own words) Is having things in proper proportion. Look below for a perfect image that explains what I am talking about. (It is NOT my image, and I am not using it to infringe on copyrights! It just was a visual of my definition.)

Using the image above I will share what my priorities are and where I strive for balance to keep it all at a level keel. *Disclaimer: I designated priorities by the size of the ball .. not their position!*)

Left side
Two red balls: 1 is my classroom, the other is my home.
Keeping organized both in my classroom and at home are what allows me to be functional in both places at the same time. If those are out of balance, that whole side is off!

White ball: My writing/ blogging/ etc
Writing for me right now is HUGE. I have dreams and goals that I am reaching for that in time may change this side of the balance. Taking time to blog and designate writing days and how I spend my waking hours that are not being devoted to my husband and children .... are often found right here.

Right side
Tiny white ball on top: My time (The occasional hair cut or color, painting of the nails, suntanning. Running, or any other activity that calms my mind and gives me a pick me up.)

Big white ball: Husband and our marriage (Yes I know that this ball is larger than the kids. It should be. )

Red ball: Children (As they get older they don't need as much of my immediate attention, though they still get a lot. )

NOW, because I know some of you may be wondering why I didn't put my relationship with God on that priority list, allow me to explain. He is in all of those priorities. If what I do in my classroom doesn't glorify Him I am wasting my time. If how I manage and take care of my home does not glorify Him I am out of balance. If my writing doesn't pint upwards, I am wasting my time and I am out of balance. Same goes on the other side. See... my relationship with God influences the balance I desire for and seek for in my life.

Do you know what your priorities are? Until you do, you will not even begin to know where you are out of balance to begin with!



  1. I think this is my favorite post of your's that I have read recently... Though, there has been MANY MANY posts from the past that may or may not be up there with it. Remember, it's been almost 4-5 years since I was following the blogs so don't recall every! I just know that your thoughts are so amazing! You have a great way with words. Those who are in your life are truly blessed.

    1. You are too kind! :) It is my dream and goal to be financially stable from these shared words ~ both here on the blog and the books I am writing! :) It WILL happen! Thank you for your encouragement!


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