Friday, January 2, 2015

Family Matters Friday: Can't beat them, Nerf them!

For Christmas Santa gave each person in our home a Nerf gun and some ammo in our stockings. Nothing big, nothing major but tons of fun!

I simply say if you can't beat them definitely Nerf them! We have gone girls against boys, and while we are outnumbered, we can still divide and conquer! We have played the parents against the kids, and again while we are outnumbered we can still divide and conquer!

Truly the one night we really all participated was one of the BEST nights of our week since Christmas. Do you know why? We play! And we play together! We laugh. And we laugh together!

Whether it be game of Uno, Mario Kart, or the Nerf War playing together has been the glue that holds us together and tight as a family. The kiddos get to see their parents playing and having fun, and we get to embrace those moments with them. Sometimes, no let me change that. Most times we get TOO serious in this life that we miss out on the pure innocence that comes with playing . Yes I am a planner and I like to organize. Yes, I could be called a "neat freak" by some, and actually LIKE to clean. BUT .... beyond on that I like to see my family enjoying themselves. In fact, I LIKE to enjoy myself too! It doesn't mean that I don't take care of things around the house. While the kids have free access to the wii... it doesn't mean they play all the time. They don't even want to really and it is fun when we all decide that we want to and play together. It's all about a good balance and spontaneity. That is why... my gun... stays at my side when I am working on the laptop!

This isn't a long post .... so do yourself a favor. Make some time today and go play with your family! Tonight we are ordering pizza, playing on the wii, and maybe just maybe ... darts will fly. :) It's been a wonderful vacation in our home, and I am sad to see it quickly come to an end.


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