Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Matters Friday: Starting the day off right! (Smoothie Recipe)

One thing I am grateful for is being home in the mornings to see the husband and kids off for their day. I like to know everyone has what they need when they leave, and that they either have a full tummy or something with them to eat when they are hungry. I am NOT a breakfast eater but this week I have enjoyed drinking a smoothie on the way to work. I am still fighting the same cold that hit me last week and honestly it hasn't gotten much better, I just adapted and got on with my life instead of allowing it to derail me completely. Tuesday however, I had a huge desire to get as many natural vitamins into my body as possible and the best way to do that is with fruits and veggies. I love salads, and I love smoothies. Thankfully so does the majority of my family. We always seem to be a "dentist family" on most things. (Ya know 4 out of 5 prefer) We are working on finding what works for the one who is skeptical and I feel confident that we will find what he likes too.

One of our favorite smoothies is a "Cherry Berry Banana Smoothie". I didn't snap a picture but it is the most beautiful shade of pink you can imagine! And it tastes so good! I use my Ninja, and when I am making these smoothies I use the large pitcher.

Cherry Berry Banana Smoothie

2 to 3 large frozen bananas
1 cup of vanilla light yogurt
1 to 1 1/2 cup of frozen "Cherries and Berries" fruit
1 1/2 cups of milk

Blend all the ingredients together. By using frozen fruit you do not need to add ice and the frozen bananas help to make the smoothie thick and creamy. What an amazing start to any day! I do not add sugar. There is enough sweetness from the fruit and yogurt!

I also would add 1 to 2 cups of raw spinach to this for myself. I can't convince the family to try it but it just ads a bit of freshness and it got in some good leafy greens!


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  1. That sounds REALLY good! I love my Ninja! I use it a lot! Do you have the food processing bowl with your's? It works awesome when making biscuit dough... I've been making homemade freezer biscuits, and the Ninja makes it a breeze!


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