Monday, January 19, 2015

Motivation for your Monday: Endurance

Endurance: Endurance is the ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, or fatigue (Thanks Wikipedia!)

Do you know what traits you have? Is endurance one of them? One thing I know that I personally possess in my character is indeed endurance. I find that those long tedious tasks that most people dread I find satisfaction from completing. I have a motto in my classroom that I teach the three (and four) year olds that are in my care. "We finish what we start!". That's right. They are learning at this young age, that at least at school we are going to finish what we start even if it means that we don't start all the projects we needed to that day. Why? Because we are living in a society that likes to do things half way through. I was listening to a YouTube video by Jack Canfield and I wrote down one thing that caught my attention.

"How you do anything is how you will do everything."
 T. Harv Eker

Instantly I changed the meaning of this when I wrote it down. I wrote it down as "If you half ass one thing, you will half ass everything." Why? Because to me it put it in perspective. If you only put half the effort you should into something you cannot expect to get all of the rewards/satisfaction/ whatever the outcome should be. If I only put half the effort into my marriage then I should, than you can expect my marriage to fail. If I only put half the effort into my parenting then I should, than I can expect my children to grow up in a failure type mentality. If I only cook half of a meal, I cannot expect a whole meal to be served.

If you do not have endurance, there is no way  you can put a decent amount of effort into anything. Every time I think about having endurance I am taken back to the time we lost a huge portion of one of our oak trees at our former house. It took from sun up to sun down to get it cut up and moved to the street for pick up. But guess what. Even when my husband said "Let's just finish this tomorrow" I made it very clear that I couldn't do that. I couldn't leave it. Yes I was tired. Yes my body hurt. But the job wasn't done. I would not be able to go to bed knowing I had more to give and there was more to be done.

That is how I am right this minute as I am writing my new book. See, I was working on Thrive Camp back in the fall and was asked by God to take a step back. I didn't understand, but today I do. Today I have the endurance to push through the old fears and doubts that like to linger. I have enough faith, confidence, and trust that the time is now to put that endurance to work even if others do not believe that I can do it.

Remember it doesn't matter if your washing dishes, filing papers, or like me, writing a book ~ how you do anything is how you will do everything. It's up to you to find the endurance to push through it and do it with all your might!



  1. I love your class room motto! It is definitely something i need to work on. I am terrible about getting sidetracked with something else, then not finishing the first task at hand.

    1. Lisa! <3 Thank you so much. The neat thing is .... children at that age are sponges. They just WANT to learn and will learn what we teach both by "teaching" and by example. My children are teens and well..... they learn more by example more than by words.

  2. How very true! My daughter, who was in about 8 or 9th grade when we did the GAG Challenge, Spring into Summer Challenges and Fit For Fall Challenges way back when... is now in her third year of college at Northern Michigan! She has definitely learned by example... and definitely not all of it has been good. BUT, she is growing, and learning what the real world is all about. I'm so proud of the young woman she is becoming.


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