Monday, January 12, 2015

Motivation for your Monday: Small Change

Here is some motivation for your Monday. It may not seem like a lot but let me tell you if you compile these Motivation for your Monday posts together, it is like having a persona life coach at your fingertips! I can promise if you will apply these tips you will see a MAJOR change in your life that will begin to bring you to living the life you desire. And you know what? These tips are FREE! That's right. I am not charging you to read them, but know that you are wasting an investment in yourself if you ignore them.

This week's motivation? Small Change.

My husband taught me this concept. See, when  he makes a purchase at the store, he often pays with bills alone. Most times, this leads to change in his pocket. Every day. Each and every time. Eventually the change in his pockets get heavy and empties it into a drawer. Come December, I often cash this change in to add to our Christmas budget. Do you know .. that it always ends up being upwards of 200$ at the least. At no real work. A discipline that he has always had for as long as I can remember. Fifty cents here, thirty cents there. It all adds up.

The same thing goes for you too. Every little change you make in your life, leads to a greater change not only you but in your entire environment.  Little changes.

*Instead of allowing your dishes to pile up ~ wash as you go.

*When cooking dinner, clean the kitchen as you go and by the time the meal is complete, the only dishes you will have is the dishes on which you use to serve and eat with.

*Want to have a life that is more peaceful. Try turning off the tv for thirty minutes during a "busy" time in your home. There will be less noise, and you will be more apt to have conversations with those around you.

*Want to find time to do hobbies? Get off the internet for an extra hour a day. You would be surprised what you can accomplish in an hour.

I would LOVE to hear the "small" changes you have made that have led to bigger rewards!


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  1. Hi Sheila! It's me, I followed you and your fitness journey (even did a few challenges with you! It has been a very long time since I've blogged. Not much at all since I moved home and went through my divorce 5 years ago. Has it really been that long!

    Anyway, I do the same thing your husband does. It is rare that I spend my change. I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to do the same. We have a Elvis Guitar Bank that I put mine into and we say it's our "Blue Hawaii Vacation Fund"...It is slowly adding up, but no where near enough for our trip to


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