Monday, January 5, 2015

Motivation for your Monday: Stop Procrastinating!

I am guessing that by today (January 5) you are either just starting to work towards your goals that you set for this year OR.. you have already given up. Which is it?

One thing I can tell you ~ the longer you put it off, the less likely you are going to do actually even attempt to try. Trying isn't succeeding but it is like putting your shoes on to go for a walk. It's a step. You either put on your shoes or you sit your rear back down on the couch. STOP IT!

I spend time on the weekends lining out my week. I start on one day and sometimes will work up until Sunday evening to get it all figured out. I am one of those that get excited from having a list to strike through! I love marking things off knowing that I did exactly what I set out to do that day and I didn't put it off.

The problem is we tend to put things off because either we think that we are going to miss out on something by doing it OR... we never really wanted to do it to begin with. Guess what. Sometimes in life you have to do things you don't want to do. EVEN as an adult! Often ESPECIALLY because you are an adult. With that said ~ get off your duff and get to making some goals for this week. Mini goals to get you headed towards your bigger goals.

Here is my weekly plan (so far)! I will surely be adding to this and you must know it doesn't include things like laundry/cleaning because those things are now ingrained in  me that I just naturally do them and do not have spend wasted planner space writing them down.

On the left hand side:
Goals & Notes
I have listed a place to note my dietary and fitness goals for the week. Again, these are here not to tell me what I need to do but so that I can mark them off as DONE! This is one of those areas where I am being more disciplined in  my life and I want to take note of them.  If anyone looked at it they would really have no idea what they were looking at. LOL.

At the bottom of each page, I note what is for dinner that night so that I can take note of what I need to do that morning before work to prep for dinner. (This could mean defrosting, prepping, etc)

Green dots: Book Writing (I am currently writing a book called Time to Thrive)
Orange dots: The book I am personally currently reading.
Pink dots: Blog posts to be done (for this blog), scheduled, etc.
Yellow dots: Youtube plans

I like to decorate lightly because .. this is the kind of planner I would like to pass down to my daughter, and future daughter in laws. While it doesn't look too much like it ~ it is my paper brain. This is where I will note not only my schedule : work, writing, etc, but also practices when they arise. We just happen to be in a slower schedule at the moment.  As Spring arrives it will be a big busier.

The spaces where you see empty squares ~ that leaves me places to add an organization project I would like to work on that week. I often wait until Wednesday or Thursday to  plan those and I try to tackle them on Friday or Saturday.

Planning ahead for me keeps me from procrastinating! How do YOU keep from putting things off?

**I will be reviewing this planner on Thursday. If you would like to purchase your own ~ feel free to use my referral link to get you $10 off your first order! CLICK HERE


  1. I love you planner! I am working on getting myself better organized too. I am such a procrastinator these days. The only thing I really have been keeping up on are my meal preps. I'm back on the wagon again for my health and fitness. Going through my divorce, working two jobs to make ends meet was so hard to keep up with my health and fitness. In the five years, I gained back all of the weight I had lost (30 lbs) when I was working out and completing the challenges you hosted and prior to those. I'm 6 lbs from my goal weight again!

    I have a planner, not as fancy as your's but I can make it as fancy as I want I have started planing my fitness and blogging stuff. I just need to finish and fine tune it.

    I'm so happy to be following your blog again. You were always so inspirational for me. Loved your blogs and your walk with God!

    1. You are too kind Lisa! I am sorry to hear about your divorce, but it sounds like it was the best thing for your life and that you are very happy. I too have put on a few pounds since the challenges, though that is a learning process for me too.

      I love the Erin Condren Life Planner and it took a lot of research, trying out other planners and decided that was what my husband could get me for Christmas this year! I had been working through three seperate planners (one for household schedules : Fall is a really difficult time as far as getting everyone everywhere they needed to be) one for my writing, and one for everything else.

  2. Thank You Sheila, Yes, I am VERY happy now. I have a boyfriend of 3 years who is absolutely the BEST! I'm no longer treated as "not good enough" I matter to him... my thoughts, my beliefs, my everything and he doesn't drink either...which were the two biggest problems I was facing in my marriage.

    I think my daughter used the Erin Condren Life planner for college. I just bought a planner at the local CVS and use sticky notes. Figure, that way I can move things around as life changes. I like the idea of using multiple planners. That maybe be a great way for me to get organized. I LOVE lists to work from, so using a list with a home planner would be a great option for me too I bet. I used to follow the "Fly Lady" program, and I seemed to keep up with things then... maybe I should get back to creating a plan like that too.

    Slowly I'm getting myself organized. My second job is now down to once a week or less since I went full time at my main job. So that helps alot... I'll' get there! LOL...


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