Saturday, January 17, 2015

S.O.S: Climb that Mountain!

S.O.S. = Start Organizing Saturday

Today we are going to start tackling an area that many people feel is an area that stays out of control.

Mount Laundry!

Get your boots on ladies! It's time to climb that mountain for the last time!

I am going to share with you how laundry stays done in our home. A home with both parents working and three teenagers. (Well the twins are *almost* teens and well.. they ARE boys ~ need I say more?) It took me a while to find a method that worked for me. while I share with you my method, please know that everyone needs to find their own method and one that they can stick with that works with their work schedule.

Mondays are clean sheet day for the Master bedroom. ( I have a couple of sets to choose from)
Saturdays are clean sheet day for the kid's beds. (The kids have an extra set but really like the ones they have. They often get put right back on when they are done in the dryer.)

Our towels often get washed with our clothes. Quarterly I will wash them separately and do a deep cleaning (to remove buildup etc). We wear a lot of "wash and go" style of clothes and currently  nothing is bleeding (color wise). If I do have delicates I allow them to gather in a basket and wash them at the end of the week on the weekend when I have time to take care of them with the care they deserve. During the week is not the time.

With that said, after the kids are done with showers I put a load of clothes on to wash. Their clothes and towels. As long as the load is finished washing before I go to bed I then transfer them to the dryer before I call it a night. Upon awaking, I either fluff the dryer, or transfer the clothes into the dryer and run it through a cycle. After my husband leaves for work and I have taken a shower I then put our load of clothes and towels on to wash. Within about thirty minutes (to an hour) I take the clothes out of the dryer, and transfer the load from the washer to the dryer. IMMEDIATELY fold those clothes (or put on hangers) and put them away. Most mornings the kids are still home and haven't left for school so they put them away. If by chance they  have already left, I leave them for them to tend to when they come home from school.

Most mornings I have the laundry completed before I leave for work. If I don't ~ I fluff the dryer when I get home and fold/hang and put it up as soon as I walk in the door.

Does it feel like I "do" laundry all the time? Well... in a way yes, but come on let's get real. I have a washing machine and a dryer. I put it in and out of the machines, fold it, put it away. Really.. if I put it in the right perspective I am not extending a lot of energy putting it in and out and folding. The only reason it may feel overwhelming is because I didn't keep it up or the day's schedule had changed from out of our ordinary.

Now. the question is not "How do I get it done" the question is "How do I keep it done!".  Or ... let me translate that to "Why did I not do what I should have done?". HATE folding laundry? Do it during your favorite TV show!

The point is ... do it! Stop putting it off and letting it be something that overwhelms you. If that happens ~ you simply have no one to put the blame on.


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