Saturday, January 31, 2015

S.O.S: When plans go forgotten & Plan with me!

S.O.S (Start organizing Saturdays) are quickly becoming "Save our Saturdays"! Today is no exception! This past week was just an epic week for me. It was tough, but on the flip side of it I gained a lot of personal insight and a piece of me that I had buried for so long was allowed to bubble up to the surface and be set free. But in that same process, my planner went out the window. Does that mean I didn't' have plans? Well, no. There is a huge part that has just become "me" that I don't have to necessarily write it down. For example ... cleaning house. I naturally clean and keep the house tidy so I no longer have to put those things in my planner or on a "to do" list. I just do them. I evolved but it didn't happen over night.

But as I look back onto my planner, I don't like to see it blank! Especially the gratitude part!

Thankfully I still have today's to catch up and tomorrow's so it isn't a bust! But it reminded me why I am so convinced to live a life that is beyond just surviving day to day! When I looked at those empty boxes, I had a rock in my stomach. I slipped back into that survival mode and I don't like it one bit. Mind you ~ I was not feeling 100% and toughed it out by fulfilling my work duties on the days in which I was scheduled. Why? Because, I would have just felt crummy at home too. Sadly though it is cold/flu season and had I not been there at work, my own class would have suffered because of lack of staff and subs. It already was inconsistent with what is normal and has been for three weeks, and just like children adults need consistency too but we are more adaptable then them.

So, as I sit and begin to plan my next week I thought I would take you along the process of how I do it. But first I want to share a few thoughts on how to plan purposefully instead of reactively. The whole purpose for planning is to keep you in line to reach your goals that you have. If you are not working towards goals ~ you will never be able to get OUT of the  mentality of simply surviving.
Maybe that is okay for you, but it isn't for me. And it surely isn't a lifestyle I want our children to think is okay either. There is a reason only 5% of the world is truly successful in their lives. Purposeful planning is one of the foundational habits of successful people. I personally would like to add our five lives to that 5% upping it just a bit.

1. When you are planning out your day (or week), do NOT ask "What do I need to do?" You will miss the outcome or results of actually accomplishing a mini goal that leads to your ultimate goal that you intentionally set out after. Instead ask "What is the RESULT I am after?"

2. When you write things out it goes more into your subconscious mind, and will have more power or effect in the actions you might take in a day as simply just thinking about it yet allowing that thought AND intention to be erased, forgotten, or reshaped by the next thought.

3. It is so good to plan out your week so you can not only be reminded of your goals and the steps you planned to achieve to reach them, but you can see the progress along the way. Who knows, your story may be the next best seller but if you have nothing to look back on how will you know your closer to your goal than you were last week? Ever feel like something was taking forever and you wanted to give up? Yep me too. BUT if you have a written plan to look upon and look back on you may be surprised just how far you come and that you are indeed closer to the end result than you realized.

4. Sometimes we waste our time waiting around for things to happen. If you are waiting, you will always be waiting. It's like getting in your car to go pick up dinner. You know you want dinner, and you know that you have to drive there to get it. But if you just sit in your car without starting the ignition and driving you will never get there.

Now... here is how I begin planning my week.

1. One outcome I expect from myself is getting dinner on the table. Let's face it, my family expects it too. Well I for one do NOT like being surprised that I "forgot" to plan ~ and know from experience that it just isn't worth the inconvenience. So, I first check the weather and add it to the top of each day. I know that this may change throughout the week but it is a good baseline.  On the bottom of each day I write down what we will be eating for dinner. Just because it is written in my planner doesn't mean I have to stick to it. I have been known to change it through the week , but I have a guideline. (Kids generally eat lunch at school, and our freezer is packed with stuff for weekends. I no longer plan lunches. Breakfast ~ we figure that out each morning, or the night before.)

2. On the side where Erin Condren has a section for "goals and notes" I now use that section to keep track of blog posting for this blog, writing my latest novel, and what I am reading. This week, it is my goal to have SOMETHING on each day for these even if it just a check mark to indicated that it was completed.

3. I have a section for daily gratitude. If we can't find a sense of gratitude, we will never be content with where we are and what we have. This is important for me. I want more for my life though I love every bit of it. I want more for our family, for my writing, for those that are impacted by anything I say or do.

4. I have a section for "life". These are for goals that will better me as a person in health, strength, and who I am. This week I am striving for a quick morning workout (body toning/dancing) and 2 bottles of water each day. Below those two goals I am leaving space. Either to document things outside of my "normal" that I need to do, kids events, errands for the hubby, etc.

5. The last section for me is "Writing". I am ready to kick it into high gear. I have LOTS of ideas, and I need to make writing a huge priority in my life ~ not just a hobby. I haven't' respected it as I should, and I need to do all I can to hone that craft, learn and understand personal marketing, as well as prepare for what's to come. Podcasts/vidoes that I watch or listen to that will help me, books that I should be reading, notes I take, inspiration, and such will fill this section.

So, next Saturday I will show you the end result of using the planner in these ways and how it helped get me closer to my goal than the way I had been using it.


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