Saturday, January 3, 2015

Start Organizing Saturday (SOS): Menu planning

As the wife and mother of the home it is my responsibility to menu plan and prepare the meals. I love cooking, and work fewer physical hours outside the home than my husband so I don't mind. But ... also having a full life I know for me it is best to have a plan. Especially with three kids!

So I thought I would share the process I use when I plan. Sometimes I just take a few of our family favorites and sometimes I go back to our "regulars" to see if I had fixed it anytime soon. Either way ~ this is the basic idea.

1. Check the weather! Yes that's right and I am NOT kidding! This is one reason I do not often plan out (currently) a menu further out than a week. Now, when the days become redundant such as in Summer, Late Spring, or Early Autumn I don't always check as often. But in the times when the weather seems like it is always changing then yes I do.

2. Time for something  new? Lately I have been trying to create and share with you guys a new recipe or two a week. It keeps my kitchen (and blog) exciting so I am all game. I often check pinterest and marry similar recipes together tweaking them some but using them as a backdrop of where to begin .

3. Survey your family, or take mental notes on things that they may be craving or have a desire for. This is always important for me, especially dinner time. Dinner is the one meal that all of us usually eat together and it is our way (especially in the Winter months) to say "We are home and in for the rest of the evening".

4. What's in my budget? Sometimes I want to experiment a lot and that is okay but there are a few recipes that call for ingredients that I don't have on hand and well... without making that recipe I wouldn't have it. And I am not talking like garlic or onions ... but instead things like toasted sesame oil.

So .. Here is what it looks like in the works:

Even just a day has made a difference, so that is interesting to say the least!

Here is what our menu looks like at a glance (dinners only):
*I plan from Friday - Thursday because for me right now that is what works. Other times in the year I tend to plan out from different days but for now this is what is working.
*I did not get the weather pic in time to share that showed Friday's and Saturdays weather. It was cold and wet.

Friday ~ Pizza Hut (We vary rarely order pizza ~ this was a nice treat!)
Saturday ~ Pork fried rice & Egg rolls (Recipe coming Tuesday)
Sunday ~ Oven BBQ Chicken, Pasta Salad, Baked Beans,  & Red Lobster Biscuits
Monday ~ Slow Cooker Chicken & Stuffing, green beans, & biscuits
Tuesday ~ Lasagna, Salad & Garlic Knots
Wednesday ~ Taco Stuffed Peppers (Recipe coming soon!), Spanish Rice & Corn
Thursday ~ Chili

During the week I prepare breakfast for my family but it is often not decided until I wake up, or before I go to bed. It's hard to share but I have a standard list of things I often cook such as pancakes, eggs & toast, grilled cheese, cinnamon rolls, muffins and eggs, bacon and eggs, etc.

If you do not already menu plan .. may this be the year that you open yourself up to planning even in just this one area. Who knows where it may lead!?


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  1. When I started my 21 Day Fix journey a few months ago, I sat down and wrote out a weeks worth of meals that were "Fix Approved" right down to the serving sizes, container counts, etc. I then would sit at night and spend 45 minutes a night planning out my boyfriends meals for the next day. My meals were so simple since I had them planned out. His took forever, but he's a fussier eater than I Now I have a new way of planning out our meals. I batch cook on my day off work. Then I create TV dinners for us. So simple, and I don't have to try meal My breakfast is like you, I plan on the go. Though, I do make up an peanutbutter oatmeal with berries that I bake and it lasts a few days. Or I'll eat homemade Greek Yogurt with a banana. Dinner, that depends on if we are home or working. But usually, I'm at home, my boyfriend is working, so I eat out of the


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