Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Dirt Diggers: We all have them in our lives! Are you one too?

This is one of those posts that does not fit into any particular category. But ... I love having the freedom to stray away from any schedule and being able to address something that I am seeing in my own life, and if I am seeing it then maybe you are too.

Do you have any dirt diggers in your life? I am not talking about those who like to garden, landscape, or literally dig in the dirt with shovels. I am talking about those little "busy bodies" who like to dig into one's life looking for something to either criticize, complain, or just plain be nosey so they could have something to focus on other then their own problems.

I know there are a few of who are saying "What the heck brought this on?!" Many things actually. And it is easy to spot who the dirt diggers are. They are the ones who come in and out of your life when things seem "different" or you haven't talked to them in a while and once they get their scoop, you won't hear from them again for a while until they are ready for their next "fix".

I often hangout with the "guys" and do you know why? They are not dirt diggers. They could care less if you have decided to do things different then the mainstream, and they don't go spill your business to anyone who will listen. Women on the other hand? We are the biggest dirt diggers around. We go find out what's "new" with someone and for some reason we think it is our business to go tell anyone who will listen, as if everyone in the world gives a flying flip that Suzy bought some CD and now she is on this journey away from being shackled to the death grip of the world.

Many times the husband will "gender" reference situations and while I don't like what he has to say .... I get where he is coming from. The sad thing is ... I want no association! Thankfully, he usually follows it up with "not you though".  I am not a "women's lib" kind of gal because I do believe that women should be somewhat softer and we do have a roll in the home that should not be replaced by a man. I do believe women can chase their dreams, and be goal setters but not at the expense of throwing someone else under the bus.

If you have dirt diggers in your life, it's time to get the broom and dustpan out. Sweep them away because no matter what they are always going to make a mess. If you are a dirt digger ~ it's time for a new job!



  1. There is quite a few dirt diggers where I work. I've been there 5 years now, so I've picked up on most of them, but there is always someone new coming into the store. It is sad that people can be like that.

    1. HI Lisa! Yes it is sad, and really if we are all honest with ourselves we all have dirt diggers in our lives. Thankfully most of mine are online lurkers. Those can be weeded out in time, and much more quickly on my terms than say if I had to work with them! I am blessed by an amazing group of women to work with and that hasn't always been the case. Hang in there!


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