Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Morning Time Perspective

"Sleep on it" used to be a term that was used often. Now, it is probably considered an old fashioned term. We live in a society that is rush, rush, rush and "do now, think later". The worst decision that one could make is indeed a quick decision.

Lets say you have one of those days that just feels like it will never end soon enough. It is often on days (or nights) like those that we tend to make rash decisions because they are made on feelings. As a tough day goes on and on and on, feelings increase and if we allow them to control us we would probably make some big life altering decisions that we would regret later.

It never fails most times, the next morning you have a whole other perspective arise. Depending on how open minded you are,  you can usually even discover why things happened the way they did. If the very least - you can gain some kind of perspective of the way you don't want to live your life.

That is the lesson I learned this morning. I realized that a certain negative behavior was being indeed being redirected to something more productive that brings me one step closer to my dreams.

I learned to make it known how I will not be treated and I also learned a bit ab out a few people in my life that I have contact with. I learned more about who to respect with what feelings I share and who I shouldn't waste my time on. More importantly I learned that there is a reason I am being more forthcoming with  the dreams and goals I have set for myself. The outcome of those coming into fruition effects a great deal of people. Right now, I am being tested at which of those take priorities both today and later on. A couple of weeks ago, I would have had a difficult time but not today. those priority lines have closed in drastically and because they have I know that I must push through any walls that may arise between now and then. I also finally realized I am bold, courageous, and strong enough to say "Screw that" when the time comes.

I believe it was a Jack Canfield video on YouTube that I had jotted down some notes from and one of the things that stood out was to ask yourself "Is this really what you want?" The answer needed to be either "Hell yes!" or "Hell No!". If it wasn't a resounding "Hell yes!" it wasn't worth the focus at this time.

When I first heard that I was "pretty sure" my answer was "HELL YES!" but not  until yesterday did I feel like screaming it from the top of my lungs in a crowded place.

Please understand that no time ever is spent wasted. If you spend eleven years of your life doing something and it has become more of a chore than a choice, it's time to evaluate. Those eleven years are not wasted years. They were at some point investment years.

Every experience we have is a lesson. No matter if it is positive or negative ~ it is a lesson. A life lesson.

That is a lot of night time mistakes and morning perspectives. That's a lot of growth both personal, social, mental, and relation-ally. It's a lot of life experiences that could not have been taught any other way.  The next time your feelings are trying to control a situation remember they are only steered by two emotions. Did you know we only have two emotions yet we have a ton of feelings that come from them.

Pain and Pleasure

Pain can cause sadness, hurt, depression, frustration, stress, feelings of un-apprecation, being taken advantage of, etc.

Pleasure can cause feelings of joy, love, acceptance, peace, happiness, feeling sexy, etc.

So, when you are stuck in the day that never ends and only gets worse, you also find that the reactions (or feelings) have derived from pain. If  you had an emotion of pleasure you would be able to take one of those days and eventually just die laughing because of the craziness of it all. I am sure the character of Lucy from I love Lucy couldn't' figure out why others were always laughing at her silly and crazy antics of misfortune while she sat and cried.

The one thing I can guarantee you is that if you were open minded enough, there would be some lesson in all of it specifically for you to learn.

This! This post specifically is why I know I was born to write! Please know that it is not in any cocky way I say that. It is not arrogance. It is in a confidence that I FINALLY FINALLY can walk in. It is a dream/goal/desire that I can completely say "HELL YES!" to!

I will take t hose tough days with a little bit more insight now. I know they have to do with digging something I have buried deep down out to the surface. The way I used to cover up the way I felt about a situation is no longer in my capabilities. I will tell you how I feel, and I won't bury down those feelings.

As I end this post, and another one of those "are you freaking kidding me" days I am ever grateful this moment of now. If this post has encouraged you, inspired you, motivated you in any way or in the least bit let you realize that you are not in this journey of life alone ~ please leave a comment below!


*Stay tuned for information coming on my latest novel "A Time To Thrive".

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  1. Another Great post! And you are right, "Just sleep on it" is not often heard anymore. People need to take the time to think things through. Make educated decisions not impromptu decisions.

    On topic of the lost sayings, my boyfriend was saying the other day that he should sit down and write down all the sayings his mom used to say when he was growing up (she died 27 years ago) and those his dad, grandparents, etc. said. He has some amazing stories of his upbringing. I keep trying to convince him he needs to write it all down too for his kids and grandkids.


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