Friday, January 9, 2015

The Unscheduled Blogger

Yes, it is the end of the first week of the new year and I didn't stay on my blogging schedule. *Hrmph* Well.. that tells me one of two things.

1. I need to plan better
2. I am not a blogger who can be on a set schedule no matter how "good" it looks on paper.

Ya know what?! Let's see how this next week goes! The first week back after being on vacation with my husband and kids was tough this time. Usually I am ready for routine, and while I love "getting back" on routine, I missed them and our slower paced days like crazy. I don't like seeing them for just a wee bit in the morning and a short time in the evening.

There. Wonder why I was missing? That's why. Getting back in routine when you don't want to is draining! HAHAHA! Good news? I have enjoyed my sweet precious family today ~ both this morning and this afternoon. And ... we have some FUN plans for this evening.

My husband's birthday is next week..... so what do you do? You conspire and plan a sneaky little surprise gathering! That's what you do! I can't wait to share pictures next week, but for now I am going to tell you our Family Fun Friday is making sure he knows how much we love him and appreciate him. There are times when we are all we have ~ our little family. In the times when we can celebrate with others who love my husband too ... it is just bound to be as joyous as he likes to live his life! :)

So for now... even though I have a "blogging schedule" up there at the top of the page, please pardon the dust, random posts, and know that it is my goal to be more regular with my posting while still keeping a balance at home, at work, and chasing my writing dreams!


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