Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts & Reviews: Brownie Brittle

Today I am going to share with you a product that I could not resist trying. I had seen it in the stores before and it caught my attention but up until earlier this month I did not take the leap to try it.

Do you ever see something and think that is going to be amazing and just feel so disappointed and like you had completely been jippped? Well... that is not the case today!

Before I share my thoughts I want you to know this is a product I purchased to try on my own and this review is not requested by the company. I LOVE when I can share products that I find that I absolutely adore! This is ... one of them!

Brownie Brittle. They are thin, crispy, cracker like chocolate goodness. Imagine a square of a graham cracker. That is about the size of the pieces, though there are smaller broken ones in the bag. The smaller broken ones are really my favorite so that is a plus for me. Others it might disturb but I like small bites anyway. I like to eat it straight out of the bag and one piece goes a long way ~ meaning it satisfies that indulgence, chocolaty need quickly without overdoing it. I mean I am sure you could sit there and eat the whole bag ~ though I wouldn't recommend it, but if you take a piece or two out and  put the rest away you wont' find that your desire takes over your self control. For me that is big! I find those goodies that I just can't stop eating ... really just aren't satisfying. We go back for more and more not because it is so good but usually because it wasn't good enough and we are still "looking" for more.

If your looking for something fun and unique for your superbowl spread I would definitely put a bag or two of these (they have several flavors) out for your guests, or hide a bag away for yourself!

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Again, I was not asked or paid to do this review. The thoughts and opinions are my own genuine thoughts on the product discussed and I have in no way been compensated for the purchase or words shared here with you today. 

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  1. I have never seen these before. They sound like something I would like too...


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