Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts & Reviews : Cocozia

Every now and am offered products to try out and do a blog review on. Several months ago I was contacted by very kind and generous people at Epicurix to try out a case of coconut water.

I was given an amazon gift card for the purchase of a case of Cocozia. I promptly ordered with my Prime Membership to ensure quick delivery. Within a couple of days it was on our doorstep and we gave it a shot. As it was ... it was a no go. It was NOT something as I was hoping for ~ to be used for after football practice, drill team practice, to hydrate my husband who works outside year around, or even for myself at the end of a run.

In a smoothie, I can get away with it *IF* I have it mixed with some yogurt, bananas, and lots of berries. It does pack a lot of nutrition.

Want to find more information? CLICK HERE

My family gave it 1 STAR out of 5. 
Personally I would give it 2 Stars.

I would rather just get more nutrition in a good salad. Have you tried coconut water? Have you found one you liked, and more importantly that your whole family liked? Please feel free to share in the comments below.


*All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was NOT paid for this review, but  the product was supplied to try at almost free of charge. *


  1. What program do you use to receive trial items?

  2. Hi Lisa! Believe it or not these are organic leads. Simply meaning that they contact me on their own to review their product and I am always more than willing! It is fun to try new things!


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