Friday, February 6, 2015

Family Matters Friday: Flexibility

As a mother to kids who are really not so little anymore the way in which my husband and I parent is changing. I mean let's look at this logically. One is fifteen and a half, and the other two are almost thirteen. They are not so little and the things they can need direction in (spiritually, emotionally, and even physically) is no longer so cut and dry. It seems that often there is more beneath the surface much like an iceberg.

This season in our parenting I am learning more about flexibility and how sometimes even when I might say no, it isn't the best answer just because it always has been. There is many things in my own life both professional and personal that reminds me that I am also being tested in how flexible I am. 

One thing I want our children ( might as well say teenagers) is that in order to be happy in life... it takes a lot of endurance and flexibility. 

 Our latest need for flexibility is coming up so very quickly. The twins first go at Track and Field and well it means I must remain flexible in all that I do. I want this experience for them to be the most stress free and let's be honest. If parents stress..... the kids feel it and then all we are teaching them is that new things, different things, will always be stressful. I don't want to create that kind of environment to either our home, or their belief system.

If you aren't flexible while your children are growing ... they will never learn to be flexible as well. See... my kids know where my limit is. There are a few things in our home and lives that I refuse to be flexible in ~ and that is our morals.

When your raising children .... no one tells you to take the time to evaluate where you are right now and where your children are. I am telling you to do that. Not only will you create a system that works for your family, but you will also be teaching them how to do it later on in life as time arrives for them to do so.


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