Saturday, February 7, 2015

S.O.S: Acting on impuluses

It is great to have a regularly scheduled "to do" list throughout the week, but if your like me sometimes the weekends are a gamble. Sure there are some things that I do every single day no matter what (often including holidays) such as laundry, emptying the dishwasher, etc but there is also a bit more time on my hands to really tackle the things that are often neglected if I take advantage of that.

Lately I am learning to to trust my instincts and go with what urges I may feel on tasks that need to be done. If I have a repulse or desire (yes they are complete opposites) on an area in our home, I know that I need to tend to that as needed.

Today, after the husband left for work, I went back to bed. I had a massive headache and knew that it wasn't going anywhere good on it's own. Often I like to stay up and soak up that momma "alone" time but this morning wasn't the time. When I awoke, I showered and enjoyed my coffee. While drinking my coffee I began to work on the menu for the week ahead. I was going to have to go to the grocery store among a few other errands and be home in time for a neighbors birthday party for their daughter.

After running the errands, including a week's worth of groceries I quickly put them away and began on a few house blessings. Laundry was one. I quickly moved to make a batch of dough for garlic knots, unloaded dishwasher and cleaned the counter tops. On to a batch of triple chocolate brownies. Then ..... I realized I had a bit of time to tackle an area that was not only bothering me but the husband too..... in fact it had become quite the eye sore. THE GARAGE!  Guess what?! Within an hour it was more organized and cleaned out then it had been in a while. A few things were moved into the attic, a whole Explorer load was hauled off to the dump, AND ....... I now have space to run on a regular basis again on the treadmill.

Before Christmas I moved our treadmill out to the garage to make room in the dining room for our large tree. Then afterwards we transformed our dining room temporarily into a game room for the kiddos. Honestly, my husband enjoyed not having the treadmill in the house at all and it was his wish for me to leave it in the garage. I desired to start running again. I didn't want to go against his wishes so what was the best compromise? Make the garage a place I don't mind being. Eventually I would LOVE to turn our garage into a home gym. I mean, we have athletes in our home for at least another 5 years and even though my current "state of being" isn't what it has been in the past ~ I adore working out! I LOVE exercise!

This would not have been accomplished if i didn't go with that little bit of a gut feeling of taking care of business right then. I could have brushed it off, but where would I be? How often do we do that? We have GOT TO STOP IT!!

I challenge you that if you truly get the urge to do something...... do it! Who knows where it will lead 1 not only in the cleaning /organizing aspect of your lives, but every other area as well.


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