Saturday, February 21, 2015

S.O.S.: What's the rush?

It was a bit difficult for  me to tell you this morning how to "Start Organizing your Saturday" because really I was already out the door before many of you had arose for the day. This is just one of those weeks that life has just filled my plate and I have learned to ask myself one thing.

"What's the rush?"

As full as my days are, I must ask this. 'Is it worth it at the end of the day to be so exhausted that I can't enjoy time with my kids or husband, or that I wonder how in the world will I get it all done?" Right now I have a rotating schedule which allows more time in my afternoons at home a few days a week then they have been. For me, this is GREAT because it opens the door to get more done on those days leaving the later days to be more free. Guess what!?! It works!

Because of that, I am able to ask myself the same question I asked you... "What's the rush!?" Really. I mean our house is usually pretty clean and when it's "out of sorts" it really only takes a good hour to get it back in tip top shape!

But there is one question to ask yourself before you ask the question of "What's the rush?!" Are you ready for it? Well, it's this.

"What is REALLY important to you?"

If your time with your family is important , then you will be able to not be so moronic and can let go of your crazy overloaded expectations. I know, I have them too. Probably more than some.

Once you line out what is important to you, and then AFTER that you prioritize what is needed to be done and actually tackle it you will be amazed at how much real free time you have to tackle the extras that you want or think you need to get done. Amazing stuff.

Right this minute I have one teen in bed (she wasn't feeling the best and took meds) two preteen sons who are out on sleepovers and a husband who is enjoying some guy time across the street. I am blogging and about to tackle a few "deep cleaning" needs so that when we are stuck inside during the upcoming week with really cold temperatures and rain we can enjoy one another and I don't need to do a whole lot of necessary deep cleaning things.

When those few things are tackled, I will then come back here and maybe write a few blog posts for the upcoming week so that I can keep up with content that matters to you (and me) and STILL be free this week to enjoy a few games of "house poker" with  the husband, and UNO with the kids.

So... let me ask again. What's the rush? When you figure out there really isn't one, you will be so much more happier and believe it  or not more productive!


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