Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What you can expect when you finally decide to Thrive!

I haven't talked a whole lot about the "Thrive Camp" that I am creating, and what you can expect as of lately, so today is a good day to do that!

Back at the beginning of the year I outlined my own plan of action and what I wanted to be able to offer and when. I began working on the "Camp" part of Thrive Camp last Autumn, and it will be released this Spring. But at the beginning of the year I was inspired to write a novella that goes along with it as a stand alone, and an introduction to the six week program.

A Time to Thrive is an amazing tale about a woman named Jessica who is finding that she is drowning in life, yet not really feeling like she is even living. She's stuck. Stuck in survival mode. Until a friend tells her about "Thrive Camp". Then her world as she knew was turned upside down and inside out.

Thrive Camp is indeed a six week study to lead you from that survival mode into truly thriving in your life. It's deep. It's not always easy. The end result however, is worth it!

Thrive Camp 30 Day Jump start & Journal is simply a thirty day look upon ways to indeed get a jump start on thriving in your life. It is intended to compliment thrive camp, but not replace it.

These will be released separately about a month apart. And eventually be offered as a complete package at a lower cost.

Outside of these books, there will be a membership program that gives you an inside look on how to develop a life that you enjoy from the beginning of the day to the end. There will also eventually be personal coaching available as as well as a live event that you can bring to your neck of the woods!

For now you can stay in contact with all that is happening on the THRIVE stuff both via Facebook (Click here) or on it's own blog (Click here). You can also check out updates on it's website (Click here).


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