Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's time for a clean slate!

It is time for a clean slate for me and for you! In the time that I have had this box I have been in and out of various stages of my life and while it will always be available for me to see, it will no longer be available for  YOU to see.

At first I was going to sit down and explain but really.... I will do a few bullets and that will be that.

* This blog has some ups and downs~ and I need a clean slate.

* I have been wishy washy and well.. God has said "enough!"

* I am learning not everything in my life is for a blog.

* God's plans are better than mine ~ and He knows the desires of my heart, I need to stop paving my own way and let him lead!

If you enjoy the posts that I share on recipes, being a wife and a mother, tidbits on cleaning, organizing and decorating ~ then hop on over to The Sweet Wife Life Blog and Facebook Page, and know that while you may think you will miss one pretty little box.... I can promise you this is HIS plan!

To those who have stuck with me through the years ~ t hank you for being a part of my life! I do hope you follow my new blog but if you do not ~ I get it. Thank you for your love and support!


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