Monday, March 2, 2015

Motivation for your Monday: Environment Matters

We have all been in a situation where it seems that everything is going our way and then bam it's like everything goes to pot quickly. Let me tell you why. It's because the environment you are in will effect you even if you do not want it to.

At school we have a running joke about the temperature of my classroom. It is either Alaska or Hawaii. Even if I don't want to be cold, if the temperature of the room is cold then I indeed will be cold. Yes I dress for it, knowing that it is often more cold than warm ~ even in August. I have a hoodie that I wear almost all day everyday. But I am sensitive to cold weather, just down right cold  period. I am also very sensitive to the environment in which I am in.

Knowing this I have to be very careful with the influences i allow in my life because if not I will quickly find myself where I don't' want to be with  my moods, my thought life, even in how I present myself.

I must also remember that I too am an influence to others even if I don't want to be. That also means that I will be held accountable one way or another for that influence. It is life if i was to turn the thermostat up to appease myself, and others suffered I would be responsible.

Please don't assume that the environment around you doesn't matter. It does!! If you were baking bread your dough could not rise if the room is too cold, or if it is so hot that it kills the yeast. It would need to be just right for the perfect loaf.

Every word, feeling, emotion, and action that we toss out into the world trickles down and out. Eventually it is felt by many beyond your closest circle and further yet.


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  1. I truly believe that we ARE products of our environment. We do need to surround ourselves with positive people and things. The less negativity we have around us, the better our lives are. I have been asked a few times how come I am almost always so upbeat and positive. It's because I choose to focus on positive things and not dwell on the negative.


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